Tteokbokki Buffet, it’s yummy and it’s affordable given the location @ suntec. It’s a Korean style hotpot with also fried finger food, fish cake, kimchi etc. After hotpot will be fries rice which u take all ingredients yourself & staff will do the fried rice for u in the same pot.

Heritage high tea buffet with local delicacies! Kong bak bao!

Heritage high tea buffet with local delicacies! Chilli crab sauce with fried mantou- full of shredded crab meat inside!

Came for this after hearing class 95’s foodie choice. Not too bad, wanted to try the chee Chong fan but sold out coz we’re late (around 7pm)

Another Burpple 1-for-1 redemption. Waffle is ok only, the ice creams flavours are nice except for lavender (cannot accept the taste if u r not lavender lover)

Ordered this coz I’m worried that the cheese one will be too creamy. And it turned out be so good! Will buy this again.

Forget the name of it, refreshing chrysanthemum tea, pearls are chewy too.

Highly raved Yuzu ramen. Nice broth with tangy citrus taste.

Spicy version of the Yuzu ramen. Spicy chicken broth with a tangy Citrus taste.

Refreshing drink after lunchie! Another Burpple 1-for-1 deal!