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Salted Egg Prawn Eggs Benedict This dish (as well as the other dishes) is pretty unique. I mean, it's not everyday you see a creamy version of salted egg mixed with hollandaise sauce. The bread is soft and nice, eggs poached well, i'm just wondering why they used prawn, of all meats. Also the kale didn't seem to complement the other ingredients. But overall it was a satisfying meal (the salted egg is worth a try), and I liked how the portions are not too big and doesn't leave you with a jelak feeling. Best part is that the prices are cheap (for cafe food), the place is spacious and empty (good for catchups) and there are power points for you to charge your devices~
Looks Decent, Taste Disappointing I must say the prices are cheaper than your regular brunch places because they do not charge GST and service charge. However...this place did not impress. My review: Tom Yum Creamy Prawns Pasta - 7/10. Tad bit creamy. But overall taste is quite nice. Best to share to avoid “gerlat-ness” Roast Beef - 5.5/10 I was eating beef jerky. Seriously. No further comments. (And chickpeas seriously? Hahaha)
Eggs Benedict - Salted Egg Yolk Prawn And Salmon Eggs benny can’t go wrong (if you stick with the classic) - the smoked salmon version was pretty good! Serving is just nice and unlikely to hit you with a food coma after your meal. The “salted egg yolk w prawn” was too Asian for my liking. Prefer the authentic tzechar version of salted eggs prawns fried to perfection instead of a salted eggs infused “hollandaise” sauce layered as a cream over prawns which are separately cooked (ie. not infused and coated w the salted eggy unless you dip it into the hollandaise). Worth a try for all salty eggy fans tho! But definitely not if you’re really craving for the real deal!
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