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Cajun Shrimps and Scrambled Eggs Bruschetta ($13.80) I've had this twice and it was absolutely amazing both times. The scrambled eggs were thick and creamy, the bread was chunky and soft yet chewy, the shrimps were well-seasoned, and the corn and cherry tomatoes were nicely grilled. The portion was huge and filling. The dish wasn't oily either. This was from the Circuit Breaker menu, and I hope it stays on the regular menu as well.
This has been one of our favourite places for brunch until recently. With their menu largely unchanged, we were dismayed that the taste and how some of them were prepared were obviously different. First indication was the Affogato that we always loved to order on every visit. Missing were the crunchy nuts that distincted theirs from others. The Affogato was still good but less the X-factor. Their crispy crab cake was a major letdown, being our all-time favourite from this place. Crab cake itself was still delicious; but not everything else on the plate. The egg, bacon, avocado bread were poorly prepared. The little amount of crispy chips and salad sprinkled around the plate was miserable and no longer made sense. Also from their breakfast platter it was visible that standard in preparation of their food had dropped. Whatever the reason was, hope it’ll improve while we’ll not be returning for sometime.
I makan
Hidden Gem At Novena Medical Centre Chanced upon this place one fine afternoon! Will come back to chill here one day!!!!
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Common man full breakfast ($28) 🍳🥓🍞 Throwback to when I had this decadent breakfast that was certainly not priced for the "common man" at all 😂 I had two poached eggs on artisanal sourdough toast, and with it came a range of breakfast favourites like pork sausage, bacon, rosti, portabellos, and even house-made chorizo baked beans. That was the most unique of the entire dish because of how they weren't your usual watery canned beans but were dryer and more tangy. The other dish is the pulled pork burger but I don't think it's on the menu any more. | Although this cafe was quite a walk from the MRT, it was really worth it -- especially the ambience! I really loved the warmly lit, earthy decor and ceiling-to-floor windows. I really enjoyed myself sitting near the window and people-watching as I sipped a cold brew coffee I didn't know how to appreciate. | ®️: 8/10 | .
Sautéed Kale and Egg White Scramble ($22) Overpriced but I love it so much, I keep coming back for it. There’s a mix of vegetables here, not just kale but also broccoli, sweet pea and asparagus. The white flakes are parmesan cheese and the brown bits in the middle are crunchy lemon zest crumbs. It’s healthy and full of texture and flavour. If only it was cheaper.
Yummy Food And Nice Atmosphere Had a nice meal of cornbread and hummus which was filling for two people! Only complaint is that it’s more on the pricey side so make sure you choose the dishes worth your money!! Lovely coffee and location though 🐉🤟🏻
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