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Gold Spice Chicken

KFC recently realised their new Gold Spice Chicken, a combination of salted egg, sweet basil and spicy curry leaves, which they claimed created a winning combination.. and they were definitely right! Personally I am not the biggest fan of salted egg, so it was a plus point for me that the taste of salted egg was not very overpowering. The chicken overall was well seasoned, I guess it was #BetterThanGold

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Creamier being close to my place has been one of my favourite go to ice cream places for a sweet treat. Today their ice cream display was down so unfortunately we had limited flavour options. Normally I would have gone for the Pistachio and Thai Milk Tea flavours. The plastic plates and utensils were also rather displeasing. But nonetheless their ice cream and especially their waffles are pretty lit
Earl Grey Lavender had a nice tea flavour to it and is not overly sweet, keeping the flavour. The Mango sobert is a first for me and I felt it was a little overly sweet and rather average. It also did not really go together with the waffle and honey/chocolate drizzle on the side. Ice cream compliments better

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Yishun Park Hawker Center was a rather fresh experience! A very spacious, well ventilated and modern hawker center.
I had the Curry Chicken Noodles (Laksa Noodles), the curry was flavourful, and had a kick of spice but not overwhelming. The noodles were decent but the main star was still the curry.
They accept GrabPay as well! Hawker Centers starting to get real modern

Their Chendol [$2.00] is not only good but extremely worth it! Seldom do we ever see this Low prices anymore, and their portion is generous. Not too sweet and a perfect mix of everything. Will recommend and definitely come again!

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Starting your day with a good breakfast really puts you in a good mood
Headed over to @atlascoffeehouse today to try their famous Creamy Mushroom Toast [$14.00] add scrambled egg [$3.00]. The eggs were light and fluffy and the mushrooms cooked in white wine is def a winner in my opinion! Finished it off with a Flat White [$5.00]
Thank you @atlascoffeehouse for the amazing food and service!


Late to try this but nonetheless, McDonald’s new Durian McFlurry [$4.00] is out! It is available at all outlets.
I’m a die-hard Durian and this actually lived up to the hype, the durian taste is strong but not too overbearing. But be warned, it has a rather strong smell and is much sweeter than expected. Try only if you’re a die-hard Durian fan.