The cheesy crust is chewy and tasty. Order it to share so it's not too gelat. Will order it for group sharing again.

So-so. It was really salty. Had to eat it with other dishes to wash the salty taste down.
Also ordered the homemade butter beer which taste exactly like root beer. Nothing to rave about.

Love this meatless burger and the sweet potato fries. Not many places in sg serve NICE possible burgers.
Thankful for burpple 1 for 1.

It was ok. 'Premium price bcm'.
Good if you are just looking to fill you up without spending too much.

Wouldnt say it's bad but I had tried better tacos before, so will not order this again.

Taste wise was decent. But wouldnt come back jus to order this.

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For burpple beyond members' reference.

From a chocolate lover like me, this dessert did not pass my test.
The hazelnut is not crunchy, texture is like a soggy popcorn.
The cake taste weird , or maybe i am not used to vegan cake.
The hazelnut ice cream was ok.
Wouldnt order this again.

This was the best out of the burrple set deal.
The tart is delicious on its own, it also paired really well with the champagne vanilla ice cream.
Its not overly sweet and is rather refreshing on its own.
Will definitely order this again.

It's delicious and does not taste like the conventional mushroom soup. Note that it gets gelat towards the end. Ordered it if you like strong butterish taste.

Fish goes well with the sauce. Wasnt really filling though.
Would consider ordering again, only with burpple deal.