Must order - truffle bacon mushroom farfarlle
Pulled pork Rosti was eye opening

Jin Xuan Tea Latte:
• Light, refreshing but nothing special
• Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Brown Sugar Milk Tea:
• Not too sweet, which is good, but no wow factor
• Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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• Small linguine portion, but the taste of garlic and butter is infused into every strand
• Limited ingredients, only 3 medium-sized prawns along with the pasta
• Prawns were average, not the freshest
• Overall Rating: 3/5

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• Juicy patty, portion is just right
• Tasty buns coated with sriracha mayo
• Changed fries to thinly crisp sweet potatoes fries for additional $2, generous serving
• Value for money with 1-for-1 Burpple
• Overall Rating: 4/5

• A must-try for The Sushi Bar, a dollar-worthy dish for its price ($14.90)
• Thinly-sliced scallops torched and seared with a generous serving of mentaiko in every bite
• This was the only dish that stood out, out of all the dishes we ordered
• Overall Verdict: 3.5/5

• Risotto was slightly oily, could not taste garlic flavour, and nothing unique
• Chicken was tender, juicy, and charred well
• Overall, the grilled chicken and mushroom risotto did not complement each other well
• Overall Verdict: 3/5

• Served sizzling warm on a hotplate
• Strong aroma and taste of different types of garlic
• Lack of main ingredients except for a few bacon slices
• Overall flavourful but nothing special
• Verdict: 3/5

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Hazelnut BBT Macchiato & Rick Salt Pearls:
• Hazelnut tea is refreshing and not too sweet
• Saltiness in Rock Salt foam and pearls can be tasted
• Overall sweet and salty complemented well
• A unique combination of BBT
• Overall Verdict: 4/5

Honey Milk Tea:
• Delicious BBT w strong taste of honey
• Goes well w rock salt pearls
• Overall Verdict: 4/5