This is another one of our favourites at this hidden gem. The finely sliced parma ham along with the creamy burrata cheese is a perfect starter for your Italian fine dining experience. Although placed under the Starters menu, don’t be deceived as the portions are extremely generous!

Till date, the best vongole we’ve ever had! The spaghetti was cooked al dente, the clams fresh, sweet and juicy and topping it off was the indescribably delectable white wine sauce! A must try for all!!

The pasta was cooked to perfection and was complemented with sweet crab meat and a light bisque sauce which was just right and was not too over-powering on the palette!

Hands-down one of the best coffee experiences i’ve had! The refreshing mint and hint of chocolate complemented the velvety Wicked coffee perfectly! Will definitely be back for more!

Was on a coffee hunt today and decided to visit PUNCH! The cafe was truly beautiful, it had amazingly chill and modern vibes, and coupled with the great coffee, it made for a great afternoon ☺️

Today’s lunch situation with One Man Coffee’s signature baked eggs cocotte ($12) and gashouse eggs with bacon jam ($13). The place was packed and we were lucky to get seats indoors away from the sweltering afternoon sun.

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Paper thin pastry enveloping well-caramelised apple chunks with an accompanying dollop of vanilla ice cream. Pastry was a little salty for our liking but otherwise the dish was a treat for the palette!

Sweet and fresh clams atop linguine cooked al dente and infused in a rich broth with a faint tinge of white wine. It was perfect for dinner on a Saturday night.

A perfect getaway from the afternoon sun away from the main streets of HV. Apart from our usual lattes, we tried the apple crumble today which was nothing short of amazing. The pastry was well toasted and perfectly glazed by a thin layer of sugar that was not too sweet and perfect on the palate. A delightful treat that we would definitely recommend!

Hua Soon is an unsuspecting Western food stall manned by a lovely middle aged Chinese couple. They serve down-to-earth classic western dishes like black pepper chicken chop or fish and chips (both as pictured) with generous portions and at affordable prices. A comfort food classic, Hua Soon is our go-to option whenever we are at HV.

The signature Shiok Maki was truly Shiok! There was a generous amount of roe and sauce with each bite and with each mouthful you’re only tempted to eat more! We ordered bentos as our mains and were pleasantly surprised by the portions and quality of food prepared.

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Peperoni Pizzeria is a great location for dates, anniversaries or just catch up with friends because of their great food and atmosphere. We got their iconic XXL pizza comprising the Frutti Di Mare and the Quattro Formagi. It delivered exactly to our expectations and we finished it in minutes!

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