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Sirloin steak was tender but partner commented that the cut wasn't that good. Hamburg steak was surprisingly very soft and 'squishy'.
Signature Roast beef was great. Rice portion slightly small.
Price is worth it only becoz we redeemed with Burpple (total $48). Otherwise its too expensive for its value.
Tried to place a reservation which the waiter was enthusiastic til he heard I'll be using burpple and told me to walk in instead, oh well. Convenient location in town but a small outlet with limited seats. 15-20mins queuing time during lunch hour.

Awesome gelato with Burpple deal! Medium cup at $5, its a real steal. Very refreshing Yuzu that cleanses the palate & Summer Berries that is sweet and sour at the same time. Hazelnut has a very strong nutty taste which was really addictive. Highly recommended!
Hope to try their pistachio flavor in future.

Great deal with Burpple 1 for 1, we had the Truffle beef don and healthy Hainan. The truffle unfortunately tasted too strong hence it overpowers the beef.
For the healthy Hainan meal, it's really similar to a plate of chicken rice except served with quinoa.
Interior decor was pretty but probably will not visit again anytime soon.

Decent but not fantastic and nothing in particular stood out for The Academics Breakfast. Would be too ex if not for Burpple 1 for 1 ($26++). Nice ambience but service needs some polishing.

Pistachio was very nutty in flavor, wouldnt say its the best in town but pretty value for money. We had the Hazelnut with choc chip and vanilla - the choc chip was bitter hence we guessed that dark choc was used for it.
Just 3 mins walk from bishan mrt station, a convenient and chill cafe for an afternoon.

BBQ sauce was abit too thick as you can see from the pic. The meat was soft, comes off easily which was pleasant. Its not too dry as well. Wedges were overcooked and okay only. Also ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger. Thumbs up. Total bill amounted to $30 using Burpple 1 for 1.
We'll come back again to try other dishes!

Had the Wagyu Beef Burger and BBQ Baby Pork Ribs using Beyond 1 for 1. Both were not bad, we preferred the fries than the wedges. Only mistake was my bf chose 'medium well' for the Wagyu Beef and it was more undercooked than it should be. Total bill was $30 after discount.
Nice ambience, chill vibes and pretty quiet during weekdays lunch, no surprise.

You really can't complain much at the price you paid for. Main dishes range from $6.80-$8.80 and portion is quite big. One of the cheaper cafes along Upper Thomson. Came here twice this month to use my Beyond deal since its gonna be renewed.
We had the Braised Drumstick rice with Pork cutlet and the Drunken chicken rice set. Drunken Chicken was seasoned well. You can even charge your phone at some tables.

Nice ambience but 3 pax can only redeem 1 Beyond deal instead of 2 deals. Restrictive.
We could have ordered more than 3 cups in total, but we didn't coz of this restriction.
Concluded they aren't very smart in making more money then. Do note that the signature cocktail has to be the same item. Service was good.
No happy hour deals hence will find somewhere else next time.

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Love the interior decor of Grids & Circles, it was really crowded when we visited on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.
Both the Butadon and Salmon Ochazuke were done well and satisfied using Beyond ($17 in total).
While a lovely place to chill, the walls probably magnify the chatter hence it was pretty noisy too...

Wanted to get their Signature rosemary chicken but unfortunately the menu has changed slightly. Had the roast chicken and its similar to chicken rice, except served with onsen egg and quinoa which gives it a healthy twist. Big portion and we were very full after this.

We had the salmon mentaiko, chirashi and roast chicken. Portion was pretty big for us and quite filling. We were satisfied with everything! Redeemed with Beyond 1 for 1. Quite quiet on a Sat night hence a nice place to chill.