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My first time trying it here and Im surprise 😆
The pork intestine didnt have any smell nor any strong herbal taste, it taste really refreshing. The pork was sullen and it has a great proportion of fats and meat. There’s beancurd, egg and surprisingly, sliced fish cake, and were fine. The broth of the kway chap blends very well with the other ingredients.
I don’t really eat chilli but their chilli 🌶 was.really.nice, slight sour and spice👌🏻, goes really well with anything.
This is one the best kway chap set i’ve ever tried. The food portion given was acceptable.

Price: $4.8 (for 1 person portion)


To me, the ramen here was quite average~
This was their Chef Recommendation and the ingredients are half boiled egg, seaweed, lots of onions, Bamboo Shoot and a think slice of pork. And of course, their broth soup and noodles. I love their half boiled egg cause its perfectly cooked😍😍 And their think slice of pork has a texture of pulled pork, really tender and soft. The rest of the ingredients cooked are quite average.
There are 2 different portion size, either regular or half size. And i have to tell you, their regular is very very big!! (to me😊) If ur not very hungry, I suggest you to eat the 1/2 portion. They do have different promotions and its quite worth it!

Regular: $15.5
1/2 portion: $13.5

Love the spice in this dish😋😋
Its student meal btw :)

Price: $4.9 only for pasta
+ $3++ for meal

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The soba was quite different from other soba, its slightly flat and its made of whole-wheat flour! Healthy!
Their tempura is also freshly fried, super crunchy and simple 😋

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The la mian with sliced pork is very filling, the broth was thick and rich and their noodle was nicely pulled.
The thinly sliced pork was tender and juicy 😋😋

For their Signature Dumpling, every dumpling has a very unique and distinctive flavour and all of them were really nice. For me, i loved their original and Ginseng.

The pork cutlet is thickly sliced, crisply fried with bread crumbs and its lit😍😍
And the main part, BUFFET!!!!!
There’s pork rib broth, chawanmushi, baguette with tuna, ramen and many many more! The cheapest meal starts from $9.90++ and it very worth it!

The pork chop was perfection 👌
The meat was filled with juice and the tenderness 😻
But I waited for 45 mins~ But it was worth waiting
$40+ for 2 course meal
$48+ for 3 course meal

One of the best chinese restaurant that serves very good side dishes and these are three of my favourite dishes. They are small sotong, signature pork ribs and signature dou fu (beancurd)

The food here is amazing and some even taste like real meat!

First time trying and it was lit!!!
The soup was light at first~
And the enjoyment of frying the meat😍😍
Price: $90++ for 3-4 paxx

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The Boat noodles are cheap and delicious, the broth was flavourful with full of ingredients.
Their fried chicken skin stir fried with pad leaf is LOVE😍. Its very crispy and not rlly greasy.
However, the roasted pork was a little disappointing, the meat was hard and it takes forever to chew the meat.
Boat Noodle-$5 each
Thai Milk tea- $2(if im not wrong)👈🏻MUST TRY!!
Fried Chicken Skin- $3.5(if im not wrong)

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Surprisingly, the pizza isnt too sweet. It was just nice. The generous amount of banana, kaya and cheese is Boom 💥.
Price: $7.90