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Sundubu Jjigae [$10.80++] DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER THIS. Worst Korean food ever 😡 They wrote in the menu that it's a spicy stew made with soft beancurd, minced pork & egg. They should really change it to beancurd and egg only so that they don't mislead people! The number of minced pork I can find in this claypot is less than the number of fingers I have in one hand. Even the banmian at food court give me more minced pork than them... It is quite a PIG deal as I did not intend to pay $10.80++ for tofu stew seriously?? It's really disappointing when I feedback this to the manager and he replied "Oh it's like this, there isn't much minced pork in the stew." I couldn't believe it. It just sounded like you wanna cheat customers with your misleading menu. Not only that, the kimchi sides they served was so bad, it's sour (with a very strong alcohol taste wts). Been here a few times and I don't know why their standard dropped so much sobs.
Bulgogi Hotplate this came in a heaping pile!!! this was honestly affordable at its size of just $12.80. it also comes w all the side dishes which was surprisingly very tasty especially the potatoes (on the far left). even the egg drop soup was a delight. however, the beef while well marinated was on the tougher and rougher side :( nonetheless it’s still a very affordable and satisfying meal! . ordered a portion of japchae and sundubu jjigae to share w a friend as well (sadly not in pic). while these were our “side dishes”, they actually fared much better imo as the glass noodles were springy and flavour ful without being overly wet + the soup was slightly spicy but super generous w the tofu and minced pork!! the egg stirred into the slightly spicy and sour concoction made it really appetizing as well. wld definitely return for those dishes!!
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Korean pancake with squid and soy sauce spicy dip. When the supporting actor aka the dip made all the difference...
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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Located at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, unit 06-08/09/10, Singapore 238839. . . Original Hong Kong French Toast. Our kind of breakfast on a long weekend... Deep fried thick coasted coated with egg, served with butter and maple syrup! . . . @xinwanghongkongcafe #hungryunicornsg #xinwanghongkongcafe #xinwangcafe #frenchtoast
Braised Pork Belly Noodles (dry) Braised pork is damn fragrant and very aromatic, pairs well with the Cantonese styled noodles and a tinge of black sauce and their chilli.. shiok.
Singaporean Celebrity Chef Justin Quek, one of Asia’s most internationally celebrated chefs, with two restaurants, Chinoiserie and JustIN in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has collaborated with Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe to come out with an exclusive menu item that is valid for a limited time only. The Signature dish for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe X Celebrity Chef Justin Quek Collaboration: “Hae Mee” Soup Nissin Noodle. The highlight of "Hae Mee" Soup Nissin Noodle definitely goes to prawn broth. That's the results of 4-6 hours preparation, giving a strong umami and robust prawn broth with a hint of spicy kick. Drank till the last drop of this umami-rich goodness this comfort stuff lends. It is accompanied by Nissin noodles, slices of prawns, pork, fish cake and an egg. 🍜🍜🍜 . “Hae Mee” Soup Nissin Noodle at S$12.80. . Read on foodgem.sg/food/cafe/xin-wang-hong-kong-x-celebrity-chef-justin-quek. . Chef Justin’s dishes will be available at the following 15 Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafés from 13 December 2018, in four phases: ● Week of 13 Dec: Plaza Singapura, AMK Hub, Changi Airport T3, West Coast Plaza ● Week of 20 Dec: Northpoint City, Anchorpoint, Heartland Mall, Compass One ● Week of 3 Jan: JEM, NUH, White Sands Shopping Centre, Tiong Bahru Plaza ● Week of 10 Jan: Springvale at Siglap, YewTee Point, Eastpoint Mall
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Wholly Bucket Is A Real Seafood Party! Our table of 3 went for the Wholly Bucket ($139 including two sides of our choice; serves 3-4pax) and it was such a delight! The staff literally came over clutching a bucket and proceeded to pour out the fragrant & drool worthy contents on the table lined with plastic and grease paper. We chose their signature chilli kicap sauce and opted for fries and fried mantou for our sides. I could see why the chilli kicap is popular; it was savoury and packed a spicy punch. The two crabs were huge and fleshy and there were also big prawns and so many clams and mussels... as if that isn’t enough, there were also hotdogs, potatoes & corn drenched in all that chilli kicap goodness. My dining companions and I had a really great meal and were already discussing about returning to try their Wholly seafood nasi lemak which comes in a huge plate for 3-4pax as well😍
Bamboo Lobster Seafood Laksa ($10.80). This affordably priced laksa came with flower clams, mussels, half shell scallop, and a choice of bamboo lobster, prawns or crayfish. 🔸 It's a substantial bowl of laksa with enough seafood with nice tau pok to soak up the laksa gravy. My personal preference would be for the gravy to be more savoury, possibly through the use of more hae bee (dried shrimps), but I like that there's lots of coconut milk in this. I'll recommend the bowl with prawns, as there'll be several large prawns that came with it. For $10.80, this is great value. 🔸 [Hosted]
ShellOut To Start Of The Year In all, it cost $83 (inclusive of the rice) for 2-3 pax
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