Had it medium. It's great that they came with all the sauce type but we had five proper eating steak and they only gave us one row of sauce and we all had to share it. Would be better if they gave two because the table was quite long. Still prefer bedrock's steak.

This is so so good. I love it!!! I need one more plate please

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Yummy yummy but I'm so gonna smell like BBQ. The seafood stew and chicken bulgogi taste decent.... but I can't find any seafood in the seafood stew.

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I prefer the dark chocolate ice cream than the swirl. It taste so yummy I just want another one! The swirl is sweeter than this. I love dark chocolates ❤️ #dessertsftw #sweettooth #sgfoodie

Addicted to this boat noodle. It's cheap and yummy! But it's really small bowl. Kept craving for it but it's only found in bkk ):

Yums. Doesn't taste that bad. The portion is just nice but I feel like it's lacking abit of something

The black cod fish is totally yummy! It's so soft and yummy (: I like the cod fish more than the steak but it's on a pricey side.

So much love for the dark chocolate. I prefer this than the swirl cause it's less sweeter!