Brown Sugar Boba Softserve | RM10

Having boba & softserve at the same time, why not? Brilliant dessert you weren’t expecting..

Breakfast anyone? How about Smoked Salmon Egg Royale on Toasted Ciabatta Bread? Crispy toasted bread wit tender smoked salmon, so good!


Homemade avocado ice cream with peanut butter crunch and chocolate shell. Side with caramelised bananas, mango, blueberry and green tea sponge (RM25)

Rainbow Lunch | Now I can customise my own lunch at @agrain_by_hale
Come in 3 options: Petit (RM13.90), Regular (RM16.90), Large (RM20.90). Just choose a based, protein, supplements, topping, sauce and your lunch is ready!
Oh ya btw I really love their aglio olio wholewheat Pasta & curried cauliflower.

They are having promotion of 15% off until 30th June


After trying Mak Chee's I must say, this is as close as it gets to HK wanton mee. The noodle is fine and tangy. The shrimp wanton and dumpling is delicious. The prawn roe is fabulous. The soup has a strong taste to it. Love it. The milk tea are really smooth. Love their Cursory Rice, simple yet delicious.

Oh ya! They are having opening promotion of 15% off until 8th July!

Price range between RM7.90-RM18.90

U-don need any reason to have a good lunch | A very authentic Japanese udon restaurant operate by Japanese. Price are quite reasonable and their home made udon texture are better than the ordinary one that you get from supermarket.
House Special with Egg and Kakiage is a must to order. Price range between RM3.50 - RM10.50

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Chrysanthemum Soft-serve | 🌼
I am a very “chrysanthemum” person, and I always have high expectation on chrysanthemum. Don’t ask me why, I just really love chrysanthemum. And this soft-serve never fail to surprise me!
Served wit goji berries and osmanthus jelly. Best combination!

You have the option of eating the soft serve in cup, waffle, or with brownies.

This soft-serve made me feel healthy | RM10 (cup)


Trying out another Thai Restaurant, Mr. Tuk Tuk | Food was good, portion was ok. They do have set meal, and it come with a drink of the day, price range is between RM18.90-RM23.90


Thai-licious | Ordered Kuey Teow Tomyam Namsa (clear soup tomyam noodle - RM6.50), Pad Thai (Thai fried noodle - RM15), Kuey Teow Ruea (Boat Noodle - RM6.50). I preferred the Clear Soup Tomyam Noodle - sour & spicy and Pad Thai - slightly sweet but still good.

Cozy place + friendly staff.

Price range between RM6.50 - RM25

Authentic Thai food wit reasonable price.

Matcha Crepe Roll vs Soft-serve | Crepe Roll was good, rich and creamy. for soft-serve, still have room to improve. Price range [RM8.90-RM11.90]

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Their hot pot selection is very simple and easy. Clear soup, sukiyaki soup, tomyam soup, kimchi soup & etc. We go for the option of clear soup and bbq, which is [RM22.90] included 1 yee mee, pork slice for bbq, pumpkin, bean curd skin, meat balls, crab stick, sausage and vegetable for the soup. Btw this is very suitable for small eater like me, but still i can’t finish by myself. Btw their chili is very matchy with the grilled pork slice.


Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang [RM18.80] 🍔 I love the burger so much. The fried chicken was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, perfectly cooked.
I like the way they use peanut butter mix with crunchy anchovies and spread it on the bun. As for the rendang sauce was rich, aromatic & thick, with a runny egg yolk that burst when you take your first bite. That feeling was so awesome!
I’ll be back, soon..