I'm a Dessertarian

I'm a Dessertarian

Always have rooms for DESSERT ❤️
Kaelyn Pu
Kaelyn Pu

Brown Sugar Boba Softserve | RM10

Having boba & softserve at the same time, why not? Brilliant dessert you weren’t expecting..

Homemade avocado ice cream with peanut butter crunch and chocolate shell. Side with caramelised bananas, mango, blueberry and green tea sponge (RM25)


Chrysanthemum Soft-serve | 🌼
I am a very “chrysanthemum” person, and I always have high expectation on chrysanthemum. Don’t ask me why, I just really love chrysanthemum. And this soft-serve never fail to surprise me!
Served wit goji berries and osmanthus jelly. Best combination!

You have the option of eating the soft serve in cup, waffle, or with brownies.

This soft-serve made me feel healthy | RM10 (cup)


Matcha Crepe Roll vs Soft-serve | Crepe Roll was good, rich and creamy. Hmm..as for soft-serve, still have room to improve. Price range [RM8.90-RM11.90]

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This pudding is really good. It’s a super-creamy-pudding. Creamy layer on the top and a pool of runny caramel at the bottom. Is like eating ice cream! Price range RM5.80-RM6.50


Uji Matcha Brûlée (RM19) | The shaved ice is very smooth and fluffy. The flavour of matcha is quite strong, there are some red beans in it too. The caramelized custard brûlée topping complements the soft texture of the snowy ice underneath | 🍧

Original Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes RM18 | Soufflé pancake served with whipped cream and pancake syrup. Their Soufflé pancake is made upon order, minimum 20 mins waiting time. #cafegram


Pancake Soufflés are Hoshino Coffee’s best-selling desserts. They are actually mixture of soufflé and a pancake. Enjoy a single slice of soufflé-style pancake or a double portion with a choice of honey or maple syrup. You can also choose to have them with ice cream, homemade whipped butter and homemade whipped cream (single – RM14.90, double – RM18.90).


The pot-baked soufflé (RM15.90) is available in either chocolate, matcha or vanilla flavour. Each soufflé is baked upon order, so do be prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes before the dessert is served to you fresh from the oven. #dessertgram


Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte | Just pour steamed milk over the frozen chocolate cube, and mix in the Hazelnut Espresso. Rich and smooth, love it! [RM18]

🍉Watermelon Sorbet wit Waffle Taco Shell 🍉 | Was very curious about this, as I have high expectation on watermelon flavour dessert. Hmm..The watermelon taste is very strong, but a little sourish too. Will be good is without the sourish taste.
Price: [RM13]


Love their cake tasting box. I can now easily enjoy 5 different kind of cake within a day wit a smaller portion | #cakesforanyoccasion


People who love to eat are always the best people~ 😘 Instagram: thehungrymeow

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