Tendering soft and melts in mouth in a second. It’s the best soufflé that I’ve ever had!


Price: RM 8
Taste Okay for me. The environment is a plus and would definitely come back for the cozy ambient.
Staffs are friendly and always put a smile on their face.
On the afternoon the cafe will be sun bath and creates interesting shadow and highlights.


Waffle with 3 scoops.
1. D24 durian
2. Throwback by pulp (kopitiam coffee flavor)
3. Greentea
All the flavors are very RICH!! The durian will make you really SYOK! Kopitiam coffee is very Gao and the greentea also!

Spitalfield's gastrobar is a newly opened restaurant in Atria Mall which mainly serves pork. Any parts of the pork can be cook to food. The ear, tongue, kidney, legs, and even the BRAIN!
This scramble pork brain sounds sooo unpleasant to me due to the word "Scramble & Brain" (ewwww~) but my friend insisted to try, so we ordered one. And surprisingly it looks quite ok to me. Its just like bruchetta topped with "tuna". It taste a little bit raw though. Worth a try and seriously, not too bad!

First two peso branch in Malaysia. Serving variery of soup based and using uber CUTE and unique pot.
Price: Ranges from RM 10-20


Turkish Egg Style (RM24)
A very unique dish that it's the first time I see it in Malaysia.
It contains rich tomato sauce, chickpeas a.k.a kacang putih, spinach, greek yogurt, toast pistachio and egg.


One of the very special waffle that I've had - Potato Waffle(RM22)
The waffle itself is made of russet potato. It is very fresh to me that the waffle is made of potato. Topped with mushroom fricasse, herb salad, tomato fondue and eggs.


Famous pork ribs all the way from Indonesia. Now we get to taste it in Malaysia!
Naugthy Nuri's at Sri Hartamas.


Super friendly and attentive staffs during my visit here. The staff even remebered me on my 2nd visit. The food is good at a very reasonable price.

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