Cafes & Coffee, Desserts S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D When ever you are feeling stressed. Think the other way round and you'll find... D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S 🍰
Supper, Hawker Food Eat The Streets Streets food is in my bones!
Western, Korean, Chinese Dinner (Non-Halal) - Malaysia Good food but either it serves pork or it did not done is the Halal way. Well,enjoy! 😉
Halal Dinner (Halal) - Malaysia Featuring places for diner which is Halal.
Cafes & Coffee Give Me Coffee & No One Gets Hurt! KL is such a bustling city, but first, Let me take a coffee. KEEP CALM and DRINK COFFEE.♨
Breakfast & Brunch Brekkie Hunting In Malaysia I don't care how late it is, when I wake up I'm eating breakfast ;)