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Fried Fish Pao Fan ($9) The week’s gonna start again and thinking of what to have for lunch after all that weekend feasting? If you’re working in CBD, check out Chao Ting that serves Pao Fan (泡饭) - rice in seafood soup. Popular with lunch crowd, this casual dining outlet by Jumbo Group never fails to attract queues during lunch hour. Not the most common of hawker dishes, Chao Ting’s version has been modernised to cater to the modern palette. The soup is packed with umami in every mouthful as the stock is slow cooked using prawns, fish bones, pork and chicken for hours. Fragrant steamed jasmine rice is added to the broth similar to Teochew porridge. I had the fried fish pao fan. The fish slices were thick, flaky and fresh and were coated in a light batter making it easily palatable. Standard toppings include fried egg floss and crispy rice added an additional dimension to this soupy delight. While this was delicious on every note, my only concern is the amount of MSG added as I felt a lingering aftertaste for the rest of the afternoon.
Teochew Pao Fan Opened by JUMBO, selling only rice in soup with fish or prawn. Easy to choose, there’s only 3 items on the menu with add-on ingredients available. Interestingly they also open during lunch time only. I was disappointed with the portion consider the price tag of $9. The fried fish was good but too little, even the rice also very little; all underneath the soup. I still felt very hungry after finish my bowl of soup.
Chao Ting 潮亭. Located at 132 Amoy Street, Far East Square, Singapore 049961. . . JUMBO Group of Restaurants recently open brand new dining concepts; Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine and Chao Ting, within the historic Far East Square precinct. Chao Ting is the fast-casual dining concept specialising in Teochew ‘Pao Fan’ – a classic Chinese dish of perfectly cooked grains of rice served in a bath of light yet flavourful broth. . . . Sliced Fish ‘Pao Fan’, $9. We arrived by 12pm and was greeted with a Long q and no seats.. As it was outdoor style, the turnover is very fast for the diners as it can be a like hot and sunny. This may looks unappealing and unattractive but don’t be deceived.. It’s very fragrant when served and the broth is very flavourful! The slow-cook the broth for hours, which explains the soup to be thicker and not your typical clear base soup you get outside. The slice fishes were very fresh and soft, there’s also fried crispy rice and jasmine white rice in the soup! We love those fried egg floss and ordered $1 add-ons for more! Very thoughtful, we were also given a pack of tissue for every order. . . They are open Mon-Fri, 11.30am-3pm, closed on weekends and PHs. My advise is to arrive early as it could get sold out before 3pm. . . . @jumboseafoodsg #hungryunicornsg #chaoting #jumboseafoodsingapore #paofan #chaotingpaofan
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Orh Nee Slice Newly opened patisserie-cafe within the CBD, right along Amoy Street: @luna.singapore. I’m an avid fan of Orh Nee and although this slice of cake carried a fluffy light texture; a distinctive difference from the usual sticky heavy dessert, it didn’t disappoint. Light vanilla sponge with fragrant Pandan Yam paste, chunks of yam, mousse-like textured coconut chantilly and crunchy whites chocolate pearls. I’ll actually come back just for the cake. Coffee was great too! 8bucks/slice #FTrecommends
Orh Nee Cake Checked out the new LUNA along Amoy Street; a patisserie which had recently opened its doors near Amoy Street Food Centre. Had seen the Orh Nee Cake go around social media of the late — and for a good reason too. Featuring Vanilla Sponge layered with Yam Gingko Paste and Yam Cubes, Coconut Chantilly Cream, White Chocolate Pearls and Desiccated Coconut, this would be a cake suitable for those who are looking for something light in terms of textures and flavours — the vanilla sponge being already light and fluffy, while the Yam Gingko Paste is earthy yet not too sweet; the cubes of yam helping to add an extra crunch and bite that further enhances the textures and flavours involved. Liked how they had employed the use of Coconut Chantilly Cream here that keeps the cake light as compared to a typical Vanilla Chantilly Cream, whilst being pretty smooth and coherent in terms of texture to the entire cake. Pretty impressed with what LUNA has to offer; would most certainly be back for the other items which had caught my eye already!
Xing Wei
I came for the Orh-Nee cake! Definitely yummy (though pricey) cakes and came with the side entertainment of watching (foreign) influencers taking all sort of pics (indoor, outdoor, process of cutting the cake, posing with the cake, half eaten cake) in this Insta-worthy cafe. I guess I'm guilty since i took a picture of my food too lol . 📷 Orh-Nee Cake and Matcha-White Chocolate Cake with a side of Iced Long Black📍LUNA . #sgfood #sgcafes #burpple #sgeats #cakes #orhnee #matchachocolate
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Aged Black Pork Inexpensive Korean bbq Places sells raw meat too It's like eating bbq from the freshest source Good service Plenty of side dishes (free flow)
Lunch Set 17.5 (Include Gst & service charge) 无意中发现了一家深藏不露的韩国餐厅 🥩 Korean restaurant serve good meat. Lunch set can choose from bbq pork, fish or chicken, and several soups. The meat and soup are tasty, varies of interesting side dishes. - 分量惊人价格公道,吃得超满足。 - 👉🏻我和小伙伴都点了lunch set,一个烤肉(鱼、猪、鸡)+一份汤+米饭+小菜,一人17.5。👏🏻 - 🥩BBQ Pork ⭐️评分:8.5/10 可以说是我吃过最好吃的韩式烤猪肉了!肉很厚片却非常软嫩,酱汁恰到好处,咸甜度刚刚好。 - 🍲Soy paste soup with Seafood & Beef 牛肉/海鲜大酱汤 ⭐️评分:8/10 小份的十分可爱!牛肉和海鲜都很新鲜,还搭配了丰富的蔬菜。汤略咸,下饭刚好。 - 🐟Grilled Fish ⭐️评分:8/10 正常的韩式烤鱼,特别的是配了芥末酱油碟,这是什么蜜汁搭配哈哈哈。 - 🍽 Side dishes 小菜 ⭐️评分:7.5/10 这家的小菜分量也是惊人,最好吃的是鱼饼,浓浓的黑胡椒味;豆芽,清爽解腻。红薯是我第一次在韩国餐厅看到的配菜,特别硬很一般,其他的泡菜和腌萝卜都很一般。看来这家的主打一定是肉类了。 - ✨肉食爱好者可以去试试哦! - ⛩店家资讯: 🙋店名:GO! K - BBQ 📍地址:76 Amoy St, Singapore 069895 ⏰营业时间: 周一-周五:11:30am–2:30pm, 5:30–11pm 周末:5–11pm
BEST KBBQ EVER! So sad that i just found this place, serving possibly the best kbbq in SG!! the meat was aged and the taste was sooooooo good. both the beef and pork were really good!!!! Around $20-23 per portion of meat, not cheap but so so so worth it! looking forward to the next visit already❤️
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Sambal Stingray @$13 $13 onwards The stingray is fresh. Very pricey thou. On TOP of the sambal, it’s sprinkled with chilli padi and a saucepan of chicken rice chilli Spicy madness
Mattar Seafood This place does crabs well and at a decent price point. Fresh and meaty. The fried rice though was a miss and I would skip that next time.
Finally Tried This Legendary "Zichar" Hawker Stall This is one of those stalls I have heard so much about over the years but somehow, I'd never gotten around to trying their food. I guess you can blame it on the high number of tempting options at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Well, I finally had dinner there with my parents tonight and most of the dishes turned out to be really good. Of the four items we ordered, the white pepper crab was the hands-down winner. The sauce packed a potent peppery kick but more importantly, it's very fragrant thanks to the huge amount of butter used. Both the stirfried vegetables and the onion omelette were full of "wok hei" and really tasty as well. Now for the not-so-good part of the meal. I am sorry to say this but the sambal stingray which I had the highest hopes for, was disappointing because unfortunately, the flesh of the fish was tasteless. That could have been saved if the sambal had been shiok and spicy enough. Sadly, even with the "belachan" mixed in, the sambal lacked fire and was strangely rather bland. I hope this was a one-off that can be attributed to a unusually weak batch of chillies or something along those lines. Anyway, our total bill came to $82, inclusive of 3 bowls of rice, which is very good value. If you are keen to visit, do note this stall is only open from Thursday to Sunday, and from 4pm to 10pm. They sometimes close a bit earlier too.
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Way better than expected. Had relatively low expectations because their Clementi Branch is "only so so lah". But was pleasantly surprised that this 本店 mainstore was pretty good. There I met a Taiwanese family from Hsinchu checking out this stall and had a great time sharing crosstravel, makan tips and exchanging all sorts of thots on biz, common man habits, weather and culture.
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An unconventional Christmas lunch cos we had chicken rice instead of turkey yesterday. Appearing on numerous guides, Tian Tian Chicken Rice now sports more tourists than locals. A plate of steamed chicken rice ($5/regular) consists of fragrant chicken rice, tender steamed chicken and spicy chilli sauce. Perhaps due to the large crowd, the standard has dropped and it wasn’t what I expected to be. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Address: Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-10/11, Singapore 069184 #tiantianchickenrice #天天海南鸡饭 #bibgourmand #burpple
Bluntly Put - The Epitome of "Meh" So there's scammer impersonating me on Instagram. But you know the bigger scam? Tian Tian's reputation as one of the best chicken rice — forgettable even with low expectations. - Chili sauce was unnecessarily spicy and added little dimension, chicken was fine though slightly tough, but at least the rice was decently fragrant if a bit greasy. - Still, I'm left thinking how they garnered their fame — at least to their credit, I'd concede it's the best plate of downstairs-kopitiam-standard chicken rice I've had, but also exists downstairs of any top hawker lists I have. ----- 📍 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184 ⏱️ (Tues-Sun) 10am-7.30pm
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Never Coming Back Horrible don - quantity + quality of sashimi was bad and they covered the rice with diced up crab meat to try and mask how little sashimi they were giving! Waited approx 30 mins for the don although we were the first ones in the restaurant during lunch. Ordered the signature maki roll and it was the smallest, plainest maki I have ever seen and cost $22! Really overpriced and can’t see the quality at all. Salad bar was pathetic with 5-6 choices of mundane choices. After Maru’s menu changes, their prices went up, quality and quantity went down and that’s the reason for their downfall. Will never visit again.
Lousy Unagi Don One of the worst experiences ever. I’d been previously a few times and the food was good. But now that they’ve renovated and changed management, it’s pretty terrible. Ordered the pork with fried rice don. When it came, it was just plain rice. Staff then told me that they’ve changed the menu but didn’t update me that the rice was no longer fried rice. Also ordered the Unagi bowl and the unagi was dry and rubbery. Worse than what you can get at a hawker center. Don’t go here ever. Food is also expensive as all the dons are 20+ and portions are tiny.
delightful experience (-: the garlic rice was super amazing!!!!! and the cheese on the salmon was so shiok 💯💯💯 highly recommend the pork bowl (~$20) as well, very tasty and juicy 😆 if you like beef, the truffle beef bowl (~$22) is worth a try too, extremely tender and delicious (‘:
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