Not yet Chinese New Year but my recent purchase of Pineapple Tart (S$28.80)) from @bakerybrera is almost finished

Checking out the latest @nandossg outlet in @jurongpoint which will be opening on 19 Jan.
Ordering is easy, just scan the QR code on table.
Can’t grab the bottles of sauce off the counter anymore.
Just request from the staff who will serve them in small dishes.

Cheesy Garlic Pita (S$4)

Portobello Mushroom Bowl (S$6.50)
Choice of heat : Honey & Soy (new level!)

Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise (S$6.50)

JP Summer Bowl (S$15.90) - only at JP
2 boneless thighs on a bed of spiced rice, roasted pumpkins, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, and corn
Choice of heat : Honey & Soy (new level!)

Boneless Thighs with 2 Sides (S$16.90)
Choice of heat : Lemon & Herb
Choices of side : PERi-PERi Wedges & Side Salad

Caesar Grilled Tenders Wrap with 2 Sides (S$16.90)
Choice of heat : Extra Hot
Choices of side : Garlic Bread & Coleslaw

Drinks - only at JP outlet
RUBRO Bubble Tea - Berry (S$4.50)
Choice of topping : Taro & Sweet Potato Balls

RUBRO Bubble Tea - Peach (S$4.50)
Choice of topping : Brown Sugar Boba

Bottomless RUBRO Peach Tea (S$3.90)

Address 🏡 : 1 Jurong West Central 1, # 02-32 Jurong Point 1, Singapore 🇸🇬 648 886
Website 🌐 :

Thank @nandossg for the VIP seat

Brunch at @brotherbird_coffeehouse
Chicken Stew & Croissant (S$21)
White (S$5.50)
Wish for a sharper knife to cut the croissant smoothly without shaking the table.
More gravy please
Went too early, no fried croissant.
No matcha drinks available

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Muffins at @sl_2_muffin
Fresh from the oven
Cranberry Orange Muffin 蔓越橘松饼 (S$1.80/ pc)
Cheese Muffin 乳酪松饼 (S$1.80/ pc)
Walnut Muffin 核桃松饼 (S$1.50/ pc)
Apple Cinnamon Muffin 苹果肉桂松饼 (S$1.50/ pc)
Chocolate Muffin 巧克力片松饼 (S$1.50/ pc)
Oatmeal Muffin 燕麦松饼 (S$1.50/ pc)
Buy 5 free 1

Coconut Tart (S$1.20/ pc)

SLII Muffin
Address 🏡 : Blk 531A Upper Cross Street, # 02-32 Hong Lim Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 051 531
Open ⏰ : Mon - Sat : 8am - 5pm

Hae Bee 5 Treasures Set (S$13.80++)
Consisted of
Hae Bee Hiam Rice Balls (3pcs) - not spicy
Choice of Meat
- A : Fish Fillet in Oyster Sauce - the sauce was yummy
- B : Soya Sauce Chicken - slightly more salty than preferred
Fortune Vegetables - look plain but tasted not bad
Prosperity Fish Maw Soup
Rosella Tea - got cold or hot version!
Available in @currytimessingapore in @northpointsg

Oyster Pancake 黄金海蛎饼 (S$5.90++/ 3pcs)
2 oysters in one pancake, fresh fried upon order
Available at @putien_sg in @northpointsg
It wasn’t the usual Teochew meat puff. Much smaller too.
Served with a garlicky dip.

Lunch at @mfmsingapore in @northpointsg

Grilled Salmon & Chicken (S$13.90++)
From Lunch Express menu which available Mon to Fri 11am - 5pm
Addon S$1++ for ice lemon tea
Addon S$2.90++ for soup of the day
Addon S$4.90++ for Sizzling Banana Fritters with ice cream
Only chocolate ice cream can’t change
The banana fritters were very delicious and served smoky hot. Topped with coconut milk.

Seafood Aglio Olio (S$7.90++)
From Student Set Meal which available from Mon - Fri 11am - 6pm
Requested for non spicy version

Signature Egg Tart (S$3.50)
Gula Melaka Egg Tart (S$3.50)
Red Bean Egg Tart (S$3.50)
Yam Egg Tart (S$3.50)
Coconut Tart (S$3.50)
Salted Egg Pastry (S$3.50) - favourite

Wan Hao Pop Up at @singaporemarriott level 1
6 pieces at S$18
Open ⏰ : 2 Jan - 20 Feb 11am - 5pm

Ginseng Pink Salt Chicken 人参补补鸡
Ginseng can help to increase energy and support the immune system
Available at @pokpokkeh.bubuji
Just nice for cold weather.
Came with garlicky chilli sauce

PokPok Keh
Address 🏡 : 9 Yio Chu Kang Road, # 01-14 Singapore 🇸🇬 545 523
Open ⏰ :
Mon : 10am - 4.30pm
Tue - Sun : 10am - 7pm
WhatsApp : 9617 3700
Website 🌐 :

Kaya Butter Toast
At S$1.20 per toast at @yakunkayatoastsg
by flashing the page in @singtel app

Note 📝 : limited to first 8,000 toasts

Egg Tart (S$2)
Pandan Tart (S$2) - smell very fragrant
Coconut Tart (S$2.70)
Chicken Pie (S$3)
Bolo Bun (S$2.40)
Available at @taicheongsg in @northpointsg

Tai Cheong
Address 🏡 : 1 Northpoint Drive, # B2-102 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 019
Open ⏰ : 10am - 10pm

Chai Kueh (S$16/ 9pcs)
Available at @salt_n_cheese
Pipping hot during collection. Accompanied with crispy garlic bits and chilli sauce. Very smooth and thin skin with savoury filling. Yummy

Salt n Cheese
WhatsApp : 9296 3606
Note 📝 : self collection at Yishun or delivery at S$8