Juices served in little cute “tempayan” for that extra special touch. Not too sweet either.

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Nice enough meal with two cute sized spring chicken, beef balls and nasi lemak condiments. Reminds me of a combo of nasi kerabu and nasi lemak.

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Hearty warm dish with melts in your mouth beef. Generous portion, enough to feed 3 pax

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A nice warm bow of beef noodles - you can choose to have beef strips or mixed with tendons and balls. It’s quite nice but to me the soup is just a bit too gamey (beefy) and I’m not a big fan of fatty gamey soup.
I like my soup clean and not rich in that fatty taste as it can be quite overpowering to the tongue.

Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri. A common dish I would have at home. This is spicy, flavourful and very nice. They did not alter it to be more western like the masak merah which is highly appreciated. I would have this set again if I ever go back to Siti Li. That and the cekodok. And perhaps the teh tarik (pulled tea)

First time trying Siti Li Dining after hearing so much hype about this place. The cekodok (famous at this joint) is actually not bad. My favourite out of everything we tried. Pictured here is the Nasi Kahwin with Ayam Masak Merah which is not like your usual masak merah. This is thick like pasta sauce or stew - westerny rather than Melayu which is quite disappointing.

If you’re a spicy food lover, definitely give SS Restaurant a try ! The sambal was fantastically hot but addictive. Love that whole nasi set choices that satisfied my nasi cravings.

It’s an okay ish dish, would prefer the accompanying sambal to be more spicy than sweet and preferably for the ayam to come with cauliflower and long beans (like how the usual ayam kunyit would be served).
Waited a long time for this dish but it’s not really something I would drive all the way for.

I cannot rave enough about this place and their food. A DEFINITE MUST TRY ! Take it from the person who comes here at least once a week, it’s good good good. Pictured here is Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak Special (big prawns) and Laksa Sarawak Original (small prawns).

Bloody good dish ! The sambal is just the nice spicy level and the chicken was well fried. Very filling and goes super well with the pineapple drink we had. A much recommended dish ! Also available downstairs at Mingle Cafe should you not want to be upstairs at the bar.

A fun drink that comes with your own voodoo doll, incense stick and a “terompah” slipper. You’re more than welcome to have a little ceremony before you down the drink (all in good fun btw!)
The alcohol itself is bittery sweet ish that is good when it’s chilled but loses it’s taste once room temperature sets in.