The breakfast steak (I think) was oh so good. Cooked perfectly that it still juicy yet not bloody. Eggs were creamy and the bread was toasted nicely for them crunch.

Filling, tasty and cheap !
Crab curry and chicken varuval a must order here. My companion had the Indian rice topped with yoghurt and rassam while I had normal rice with mixed curry.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee ! Very refreshing (and hot!) meal to have when you’re feeling down. No preservatives used and everything is fresh.
Go with the pumpkin noodles and fish based soup and get the fruit tea while you’re at it. Very filling meal without making you feel bloated.

Died a thousand times having this. The chicken was crispy, the cream sauce was not overwhelming and paired together with rice = ooomph !
A dish I would have over and over and over again.
They have a lot more on the menu including alcohol free “cocktails” but the best dish here would be the Salted Egg Butter Chicken rice.

Not a fan of charcoal but the charcoal noodles at Little Wonton was very nice and yummy.
You can choose the flavour of noodles, either curry or sauce and the wontons you want - both sweet and savoury options available.
Give the sesame sauce noodles and spicy thai a try. Oh and the curry laksa ! Spicy but so so good.

Sweet sweet beginning for Brunch ! Pancakes were filling, crunchy (thanks to the nuts) and sweet.

French toast was fluffy but airy enough with every bite. Paired with fruits and ice cream with maple syrup drizzled on top was 👌🏻

Sweet waffles and savoury chicken side with the sauces mixed together. Big portion enough to be shared among friends (2 pax per plate).

Not a fan of duck but this was actually nice. The meat wasn’t dry and flavours were on point.

A tad too salty when I had this but the chef said it’s because they marinated it far too long (could be a miss on their end but really looking forward to try it for the second time)
The sides of mash and steamed veggies were an excellent pairing for the beef.

A less sweeter version of Inside Scoop. Really good flavours and the kurang manis version is actually pretty nice ! Give the Hazelnut flavour with buttermilk waffles a try. Those 2 go really well together.
PS. Avocado lovers rejoice ! The avo ice cream is legit good.

Bestest, cheapest steak in town. Tastes good and portion is amazing. Friendly bunch too - no frilly frills to get good food and service here.

$7 for a whole plate of murtabak daging (beef murtabak).
Very filling and tasty - you can taste the meat and egg with every bite. Not dry, it’s juicy in your mouth and the side sauce gives it an extra oomph.