Ordered a couple of dishes but the only decent dish was their fish n chips. 😅

Felt like I've just wasted my money and calories on a restaurant that won't bother to whip a nice dish.

I'm not sure whether if it's because I came at 845pm that's why it was cooked this way or were they cooking this way all year round. That would be such a disappointment.

I've been here before but in 2019 - surely I wasn't disappointed back then. After today, I won't come back to Hot Tomato.

This was my first visit to Teahouse by Soup Restaurant and I am or actually we are pretty taken aback at how it tastes. We tried their best seller SAMSUI ginger chicken, fried beancurd skin, custard bao, claypot tofu, crispy prawn cheong fun and charsiew bao(baked).

Yes they sound super ordinary but gurllll I'm hooked to them flavours.

Samsui chix (best seller) is already a given that its really popular & delicious even among other burpplers.

Their crispy prawn cheong fun was very similar to the one I had at HKG. Ofc hkg was way better in terms of taste but I will return to teahouse to order this again. Worth the try i would say if you like so crispness rather than ur usual cheong fun texture!

Custard bao was EXTREMELY EXTREMELY soft... (you know how some baos their sauce is extremely good but the bao itself is pretty tough?) This custard bao from teahouse is different. Both the sauce and the bao is amazing.

Their claypot tofu was very different from the ones you would find at a tzechar stall. My family loved it given the fact that it wasn't too sweet neither too salty! Just a perfect dish for the pallette.

Their fried beancurd skin was bomb though there was quite qbit of residual oil on our plate from the beancurd skin. But it was rlly amazing!

However, of all good things there must be things to improve on right. Don't get me wrong it's still worth the visit. Their charsiewbao(baked) was very sweet tho. Just not what we had expected.

All in all, I would recommend my friends and I would return to TEAHOUSE by SOUP RESTAURANT.

After reading reviews on Burpple, I've decided to give Apiary a try. I mean since they've been really popular and there wasn't any queue when I went.

I've had the Bailey's & Brownies & Blue Milk (best seller) ice cream paired with charcoal waffles. The Bailey's and Brownies ice cream I would say is just right not too gelat not too alcohol-y. My friend enjoyed it comparing to other stores which were quite heavy on the Bailey's. Great touch with Brownies btw. The Blue milk on the other hand was fantastic at our first few bites but after awhile it became quite boring/should I say slightly gelat. Pairing them with the charcoal waffles was abit of a wrong choice I would say. Though they were crispy and fluffy on the inside.

Don't get me wrong their ice cream & waffles on its own is decently nice. But pairing it up kinda messes up the taste bud. When you pair it with the ice cream to have it together. You lose the ice cream taste as the waffle overpowers the whole waffle-icecream combi.

It might just be their charcoal waffle mixture today that was on the MORE savory side or maybe it has always been. All in all, I wouldn't come back but it was a great taste bud experience and I finally get to say I've tried Apiary.