Burger is really well done and pleasant! However, fried fish skin was disappointing, soggy and not crispy at all!

Was it value for money, given that it is >$13, I would say no, but worth a shot!

Returning to this place for the 1000th times, that is how good their food are.

Recently, they have announced their closing down, and I decided to bring my family to once again try their wide array of dishes (we nearly ordered their whole menu šŸ˜‚)

So what stood out particularly are as follows:

1) Appetizers

i) Baked eggplantsā€”Nothing particularly stood out but it was a homely sort of comfort food

ii) Baccala cake with sea urchin (Must-try)ā€” Just loved how the cakes go so well when dipped in the thick, flavorful sea urchin paste

2) Mains

i) Duck Confitā€”A little too dry for my taste...but still worth a shot

ii) Sea urchin carbonaraā€”-Thereā€™s something so alluring about their sea urchin sauce

iii) Kale Ravioliā€” Ravioli not too chewy, has the right consistency. Bursting with umami.

iv) Wagyu beef cheeks (Must-try)ā€” Wagyu just melts in your mouth. Paired with mash potato, the flavor is elevated. But on its on, Wagyu is good enough!

3) Desserts

i) Molten Lava cake paired with vanilla Gelato ā€” The lusciousness of the molten chocolate cake paired with a refreshing gelato elevated this dessert so much! Chocolate cakeā€™s outer layer has just the right tinge of crispness too!

ii) Mango cheesecakeā€” Love how the different layers of the cheesecake come together, very harmonious flavor profile

iii) Tiramisuā€”something a cut above the rest of the tiramisu, accentuates a very homely feel

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Though it is petite in size, the flavor is exquisite and light. Perfect for afternoon tea, especially when complemented with tea.

Their rose and lemon ginger tea arenā€™t too over powering, just the right tinge of flavor and fragrance.

Their pastas have good variety, really enjoyed how they tried to incorporate a local influence into their pasta.

Delightful creativity, unlike other fad restaurants that indulge in reckless fusion of local cuisines which turns out to be a Frankenstein-like gastronomical disaster.

service is very commendable as well

7/10 recommend

Half-assed photo of parma ham pizza for the half-assed effort of the chef at Cali.....

Tried their steak (medium rare) and crispy skin salmon.....salmon is too dry (felt like it was micro-waved?)....steak felt like a very cheap cut, which shouldnā€™t have been at a $34 price point....

Parma ham pizza was a joke, too salt (perhaps from the ham) but it felt like saltbae went on a mad craze...

Wonder if their pasta would be btr?

Seriously disappointed


Tried their Burpple Beyond exclusive 7-course set menu, and I have to say the first few courses were disappointing? The first 4-5 courses were very small-portion, and while an interesting tasting experience, would have loved it better if there is a larger portion.

Wagyu was a definite thumbs-up as it was not too chewy, and was cooked to perfection. Portion size was decent.

Perhaps what took my breath away was their Pistachio dessert, not overly sweet yet delightful. Love the presentation but would have been better if they were more creative with the white canvas of the plate.

Would 7/10 recommend it.