Organic Ice Tea [$3, $2 for BYO] Kipos’ ice teas come in these mason jars, to encourage diners to bring these jars back for future drink purchases. If you bring your own, it’s a dollar off! Thank you @kiposgourmet for having us! ✨
Wei Zhi
Kipos Build Your Own Bowl For carb-conscious individuals specifically the office workers at Tanjong Pagar, there are no lack of salad choices. But one to add to the growing list is definitely Kipos Gourmet. A standard $10 serving there gets you a choice of two base, five greens, one dressing, one ‘Lux it up” topping and three crunch. If you need your protein, they come at an extra charge except for tofu. One of the more expensive options, my favourite was none other than the Aburi Salmon Mentaiko (+$5). Flaky, fresh and slathered on with rich cod roe, the slab was well-worth the cost as the resulting textures were melty soft. My other recommended pick would the Coconut Chicken (+$3); it offering a nice crunch and seasoned perfectly. Clearly not your usual boring salads, they also serve dressings such as Truffle Shoyu, Apple Cider Yuzu and Wasabi Ponzu. Having the foolproof truffle dressing, the flavours were nicely infused into the tossed greens and really amped up the bowl with its aromatic punch. Hence, those of you watching your waistlines can look forward to their second outlet at One Raffles Place. Scheduled to open in the end of April, the store would be carrying probiotic beers that are great for the immunity and gut. A big thank you to @kiposgourmet for the warm hospitality!
New Kipos April Menu! Kipos has a slight revamp of their menu - so they’ve got a new base (cauliflower rice +$2), new vegetable (Brussels sprouts +$1), new dressings (I only remember the cheesy pesto) and new Lux (kimchi). What’s in my bowl ($14) Base: Soba + cauliflower rice (+$2) Vegetables: Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, radish Dressing: Truffle shoyu Lux it up: Mushroom medley + golden pillow Tamago (+$2) Toppings: Roasted almonds, tobikko, nori I love that there’s the option for cauliflower rice, but at $2 it’s a pricey addition. While the taste of cauliflower isn’t overpowering (which some might have found offputting), it’s still quite bland on its own and I probably wouldn’t order it again at the current price. Sadly no spinach left when I arrived, but there were still the other veggie options available. Went with truffle shoyu dressing again as a slightly healthier choice than ma la, and I still love it! The truffle smell is so strong and fragrant. Caved and got a second Lux, which was super worth it. Somehow the mushroom medley did taste a little bland today, but the Tamago was awesome! The staff forgot about my add-on Tamago but I checked before leaving, so they apologised and added on the tamago without any fuss. Toppings were the same as always and they’re always good. Love Kipos so much and I’m not even mad about it.
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On Cloud 9 Aqua S has always been my favourite whenever I head to Aussie. The taste is still the same as what I have always tasted in Aussie. You will not get bored with Aqua S as it changes the flavour monthly. My favourite is still their signature, the sea salt.
Aqua S The rotating flavours this time are Grape and Pistachio! The grape 🍇 flavour is more commonly seen in the Japan and is so yummy here! I feel this has the sweet characteristics of a grape. The pistachio has the Smokey flavour and is quite nice too. Best of both world when I paired it with their signature sea salt ice cream! 🍦🍦
Sea Salt & Pistachio Cone ($6.40) The Pistachio flavour is back at Aqua S until the end of March so I decided to go try as part of our search for good pistachio ice cream. What’s also currently on offering for the second half of March is the Grape flavour. Since the signature flavour at Aqua S is the sea salt, we opted for the mixture of Sea Salt & Pistachio in the Black cone. It cost $6.40, but there’s the option to pay with FavePay so you’ll get some rebates at least. First of all, can I just say how pretty this cone is?! The pastel green and blue tones are super sweet, and make for a gorgeous photo against the cloud-themed wall and cheeky “I got served in Singapore!” phrase in neon lights. Tried the pistachio flavour first, which wasn’t as strong as we would’ve liked. There was only a slight hint of pistachio in the soft serve, which was immediately overpowered and overshadowed by the sea salt once we had a taste of it! The sea salt flavour at Aqua S was fantastic. The salt of the ice cream was actually a lot better than we expected, and had us lapping up the soft serve because it was so addictive. It helped that the ice cream wasn’t too sweet, so you won’t get sick of the taste. The cone also carried the taste of cocoa and didn’t get soggy after contact with the soft serve which was a plus! I probably wouldn’t go for the Pistachio flavour if it ever makes its way back to Singapore again, but I would definitely go back for the Sea Salt flavour! Thank goodness that’s on the permanent menu cos it’s a winner!
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