always find these bagels tasty and i rly enjoy the variety but they get rly filling rly fast! i recommend sharing 1 btw 2 people. rly enjoy winner a lot ~ tastes like macdonalds mcmuffin w the hashbrown inside. primal has rly string flavors but def a meat lover's dream.

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creamy genmaicha w soft cake in the middle in a buttery tart shell with crispy rice crispy like things sprinkled on top. not overly sweet and a good dessert to share as cream may get jelat. enjoy the bitter notes to this dessert thanks to the genmaicha and the azuki red bean core added sweetness. rly love hvalas buttery tart shells especially.

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the little tofu appetizer was rly nice w juicy tofu that was slightly chewy. im a big fan of fish and japanese rice so this dinner was right up my alley. fish was grilled nicely and quality of fish was good! fav part was def the oden though ... the radish was so juicy and w mustard it was actually rly nice. rly loved the egg as well as it had soaked up the nice light oden soup. this place usually has a v long queue so wld suggest coming early

toasty baguette w quality butter and super super good kaya. kaya is on the sweeter side but i like it for its slightly eggy taste w a hit of pandan! great way to end off the meal

pork jowl is super melt in the mouth yumz super super fatty and crispy but nice! def a must have here. baby squid is also rly crispy despite the sauce which isnt overly sweet. it's my moms fav

i always rly enjoy the steak here as they cook it a rly nice medium rare and it isnt too fatty. im not rly a wedges person but these r rly fluffy and soft but crispy on the outside so i enjoy them lots. the kailan is my personal fav as the veg still has a bite to it and isnt mushy. beef rice cooked in beef fat from the steak is rly flavorsome and the boys enjoyed it thoroughly! for me too jelat. prawn paste chicken was average.

ps cafe is always my go to for the best truffle fries! truly nvr disappoints. and im a sucker for tomato cream pastas and this was pretty good as well - not anything particularly special def on the pricey side but good for special occasions!

pear tea had pulpy bits and was rly refreshing without the overly artificial taste. also not overly sweet. rly rly liked that one. matcha latte tasted like premium matcha and was pretty good (i prefer my matcha slightly sweet but this one is relatively on the unsweetened side) wld def recommend the pear tea!

probably my favourite bbt in sg ... the strawberry tea is light and refreshing with strawberry chunks through it, not too sweet as well but cant rly taste the tea. the cheese is light and creamy... slightly salty similar to a cream cheese flavor. like how they give so much cheese too! drink the layers separately then tgt for the full experience. it is pretty pricey (abt $9?) so i dont get it that often but as a treat, it is amazing!

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one of my all time favs.. my go to sushi place in orchard for quick, cheap, easy and tasty chirashi. esp the ion branch cos u can customise it to ur liking. for a medium u can pick 4 types of fish. the fish has changed over the years but the salmon is the rly fatty kind rly so that is a safe choice. i enjoy the whelk for something different ~ it's chewy and kinda remind me of a mix of squid and clam but i rly like it. the swordfish (which originally sucked) has improved so much over the years - what was once small measly chunks are now pretty substantial creamy swordfish chunks!! i rly like the baby scallops as well, soft and sweet. the yellowtail used to be my fav of all the fishes but they seem to have taken it off the menu. go try this now u will not regret so so so good been eating here for years.

not a fan of pizza but for this i wld be a convert. it's a white base pizza, thin crust with super runny egg and strips of bacon. i rly like it and reminds me of a thin butter naan... pretty unique to pizza express i believe and i wld encourage everyone to give it a shot! one of my all time fav pizzas

super yumz would come here just for this ... the bf and i couldnt get enough, even contemplated getting a second plate. pretty unique take on ur otherwise normal sushi. fish was fresh, rice was crisp at the bottom. def give this a try if u go