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Tonkotsu karamiso! Vvv yummy! Want to be back! If only they had bean sprouts like the others!

V yummy. Had the set w pork noodles, periogi dumplings and osmanthus puerh tea. Added 2$ for extra noodles cause I Is gluttony!
16$ set lunch + 2$ noodles

Pretty yummy but portion was v small
Works out to around 12$ (9.90++) for lunch set. Just wanted to try sth different today

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Sweet curry w pumpkin in place of potatoes...
Not my thing it seems. About 8$ w a cup of coffee.

$4 with 50cents for noodles TOP up

V yummy set, simple yet satisfying. The beancurd was really smooth, priced at 14++, a tad pricey for a soup but still a place I would return to!