Was around Dover w a friend and visited here after many years. Used to come here pretty often and it’s been a while so was looking forward. Sadly , the fish soup we came for was disappointing. Maybe we set out standards too high. Tasted bland and definitely not the same as what we remembered. While it filled our tummy and still a meal, it was def not worth it with a signature dish of such quality. The heizhou was acceptable. Waiting time was pretty fast.

Tonkotsu karamiso! Vvv yummy! Want to be back! If only they had bean sprouts like the others!

V yummy. Had the set w pork noodles, periogi dumplings and osmanthus puerh tea. Added 2$ for extra noodles cause I Is gluttony!
16$ set lunch + 2$ noodles

Pretty yummy but portion was v small
Works out to around 12$ (9.90++) for lunch set. Just wanted to try sth different today

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Sweet curry w pumpkin in place of potatoes...
Not my thing it seems. About 8$ w a cup of coffee.