This pizza was really delicious! I love the oknomiyaki-like sauce paired together with the bonito flakes. Truly an umami flavour bomb 👍🏻
The crust was really delicious as well, it was soft and flaky :)
My only issue would be the chicken pieces, it was really small and I was unable to tell how much or how little chicken there is on the pizza.

Appetiser: Crispy Chicken Poppers ($12++) comes with siracha mayo
The chicken popcorn was good and the paired mayo was good as well. Mayo had a slight spiciness that pairs well with the crispy popcorn chicken.


Dish is ok, a little cold as they left it on the counter for like 5 minutes

They seemed a little understaffed and one of the servers keeps giving my food to the wrong table

Overall feeling like the service isn’t so good…
Food is ok though

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So unique and delicious! A little on the pricier end but it’s definitely worth trying it at least once! For their September bakes, I will definitely recommend their double baked Mentaiko Croissant 💯

Forgot what this dish was called but it was very nice and worth to try once
(I think it’s a side dish about $5.90 or $6.90)

Egg pasta with duck, duck liver sausage grated into the dish and cream sauce.

This is a sweeter type of savoury dish due to the liver sausage, and once again, quite the small portion for the dish. 😦
The duck slices however, were substantially thick and chewy which was pretty good 👍🏻

Good dish. It was delicious, but the portion was quite little. One scoop of the spoon and I can see the bottom of the bowl.

I added a hash-brown and it costed an additional $2. Crispy and well-done, but not very worth it in my opinion

Scrambled Egg White, Smashed Avocado, Turkey Sausage, Tomato Relish and Lemogrette

This is my first time trying TMBH and I feel that while this may not taste very outstanding, it is a very safe option that you would love.
Unsure if it was because I chose a seeded bagel instead of original, but the crust of the bagel was rather tough to bite through and it ended up being rather messy to eat, especially when the ingredients keep trying to escape the bagel.

I had a nice experience here and the food was pretty decent! Would 4/5 come again 😊

*my friend tried the hangover helper and while it was tasty, it is very oily and you for sure know it’s unhealthy 😂
According to her words, “it tastes oily but sweet”

This is a drink that I would highly recommend for tea-lovers, or more specifically, hojicha lovers to get! This drink truly embodies the bitterness of the roasted tea flavour, along with the milky soft serve (Hokkaido milk) 😍
*chefs kiss*

Should I return to Baristart, I would definitely get this again 😊 (** however, it is quite a tiny cup for a drink costing almost $9 so... enjoy in moderation I guess)

Only at Tras Street Outlet, for a limited time only until 30th April 2021

This shaved ice (shiro kuma) dessert is as delicious as raved about! With it’s cute presentation and the “show” of créme brûlée - ing the dessert, this dish is very delicious.

However, this dessert just tastes sweet, with only the strawberry syrup bringing some flavour to the dish. I would recommend for everyone to just try this once, for the IG pics and the novelty of the dish, but that’s about it. It’s just shaved ice packaged differently.

Rating: 4/5, would bring different friends to try it for the pics

Used the burpple 1-for-1 offer to buy 4+4 eclairs at $32.50

(From left to right)
1. Dark Chocolate
Not too bad, I was expecting the small nuggets of chocolate balls on top to be chocolate truffles but they turned out to be small cookies instead. The eclair itself isn’t very sweet but the flavour of chocolate wasn’t as decadent as I would have liked. Otherwise, it was a pretty decent eclair for chocolate-lovers.

2. Ispahan
This is one of my favourite, and as I’ve read, a favourite of many other reviewers as well! This did not disappoint, with they delicious cream and the slightly sour raspberries that cut through the sweetness. This is definitely a flavour that I will consider should I buy from here again.

3. Tiramisu
This flavour is quite accurate to the typical tiramisu. The coffee / mocha taste would be one that will satisfy any tiramisu cravings.

4. Earl Grey
This flavour is milder than what I was expecting, perfect for first time tea-flavoured food try-ers and those with a milder taste palette. However, as a tea lover, I would very much preferred the earl grey taste to be more prominent as opposed to just being sweet. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet the blueberries were. Considering how often I consume blueberries, I had assumed it to be like other dessert types that often use sour blueberries.

Final verdict: It isn’t worth it without the burpple offer. I would not pay $8 for an eclair even as pretty as they package it, however, with the offer, I will consider purchasing again as gifts or just to treat myself.
A suggestion that I also have would be to replace the small circular paper logos on each eclair with a thin piece of chocolate with the same design. This would greatly improve my eating experience instead of having to peel off the paper every time I wish to consume one eclair.

Things to note:
I used the 4-for-4 eclairs deal, and had to pay an additional $0.50 for splitting the 8 eclairs into 2 boxes. Thus, unless if you wish to gift the second box to someone else, I would recommend that the buyer just take the box of 8 to save on that minor expense.

à la carte $10.90
Weekday Lunch Set Special (Mon - Sun, 12nn-5pm) $9.90

This dish is definitely worth the hype!
I originally went for the burpple 1-for-1 deal, but decided to go with the lunch set special instead since it’s cheaper and comes with one miso soup and a drink of choice ✌🏻

Main: Fried Tofu Donburi
Wow, it was really tasty! The tofu is crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, and paired with that sauce is *chef’s kiss*
Definitely will recommend this dish! 💯

Drink: Iced Yuzu
I had expected something similar to the Korean Citron Tea but this drink tasted more like a (not yuzu) syrup iced drink.
(sorry for the bad description, I can’t pinpoint what it taste like exactly, but it was quite sweet)
Generally I don’t prefer such sweet drinks so it’s not to my taste but I think those with a sweet tooth may prefer it.

Other drink options include hot/ iced green tea or iced lemon tea (if I remember correctly)

It was a great experience and I will go back again!

1. My own review:
I thought the meal was really good. I had ordered the Miso Mushroom Noodles as well as the party platter to share with my friends. My friends mentioned that the Braised Pork Noodles were more flavourful so it might be better to get that option if you are able to.

I highly recommend the fried pierogi which is a little unique and different from the standard dumpling, and the smoked duck, which is just a really nice duck dumpling. The original is what you would expect from a regular dumpling and the prawn & crab is highly recommended for people who enjoy eating crab.

2. My sibling’s review:
It was alright and not as good as I had raved about. 🤷🏻‍♀️