I’m a newly converted HDL fan. Besides fresh ingredients, tasty food and great ambience, their top-notch service totally got me smitten. (Have I even mentioned that their La-Mian performance is super Instastory-worthy?) Their wide variety of dishes and soup base flavours would appease even the pickiest of foodies. HDL, I’ll be back!

Nestled in a corner of Dempsey Hill, Roadhouse is an American-styled modern diner that brings comfort American food right into Singapore. Their Chef's recommendation, Bacon Marinated Burger, has a generous serving of crispy well-cooked bacon, sweet caramelised onions, sautéed mushrooms, and a juicy tender beef patty sandwiched between two buns. I didn't quite appreciate the flavour of the melted Gorgonzola (not a fan of blue cheese) though. Their Lord of the wings (& drumlets), a bucket of spicy garlic parmesan wings, was coated with a thick layer of hot sauce that reminded me of bbq sauce, but it still ended up a little too dry for my liking. On the bright side. their service was stellar, the ambience was perfect and the prices were reasonable.

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Sea Salt Gula Melaka - the Asian sibling of salted caramel ice cream reminded me of buttery brown sugar and freshly baked cookies. Topped by crunchy caramel roasted almonds mikado and fluffy Gula Melaka mochi, it was the perfect sinful indulgence.

Hazelnut milk chocolate, on the other hand, was a rich creamy affair. I absolutely loved the almond thins and honey toasted granola crumbles.

A unique fusion of Thai and Western flavours, the Loaded Cheese Fries with Thai Basil Minced Pork ($12) totally nailed it! The thick crispy fries with warm pillowy insides are doused with glorious melted cheese, and sprinkled with a flavourful topping of basil minced pork. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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A single bowl of donburi from Waa Cow and I'm hooked! With tender chicken cubes coated with savoury mentaiko blanketing the torch-blown rice, and a perfectly done sous-vide egg perched atop the don, it was a visual and gastronomical delight! What's not to love about this umami buttery goodness? 😍


Sambal stingray infused with the fragrance of banana leaves, bbq-ed chicken wings grilled to perfection, fresh cockles dipped in zesty lime chilli, delicious oyster omelettes, tasty hokkien prawn mee and fragrant yang zhou fried rice. It was the perfect supper combination! If you're looking for an ideal wallet-friendly supper spot that can satisfy the various food cravings of members in a large group, look no further than East Coast Lagoon Food Village. You'll be in taste-bud heaven from the very first bite. ;)

Fresh succulent prawns, soft tender pork ribs, and a rich and umami-flavoured broth - What's not to love about the Traditional Pork Rib Prawn Noodles? The fried shallots and crunchy lard sprinkled atop the noodles were oh-so-sinful but totally worth the calories. $4 for a bowl of authentic hawker fare? Count me in! 👍


Lettuce-wrapped grilled pork and enoki shrooms drizzled with Doenjang - That would surely satisfy your Korean food cravings. The grilled shrooms complemented the beautifully charred and caramelised pork perfectly by adding subtle smoky notes. Down it with refreshing greens and its taste will be the only thing you remember from this whole meal. From chicken bulgolgi to pork ribs to beef steak, Daessiksin is a meatlover's paradise. The cooked food selection also boasts Korean favourites like glass noodles and kimchi pancakes. Now that brings the k right into k bbq. :)

I never thought that I would happen to describe shaved ice as soft, fine and in a sense, fluffy, but that was what O'ma spoon's bingsu felt like. Their matcha flavoured bingsu was heavenly! With saccharine milk drizzled over it, almonds and cashew nuts scattered atop, and topped off with a scoop of matcha ice cream, it tasted as divinely as it looked. Seems like they've gotten themselves a new fan. 😁

For those meat-lovers out there, Suki-ya's shabu shabu steamboat buffet will be right down your alley! With free flow beef, pork and chicken slices, a (slightly small) self-service yong tau foo-like buffet selection and a wide variety of greens, you can finally eat as much as you want while feeling relatively healthy. Recommended soup bases would be their sukiyaki (my fav) and butaniku. Their only other limitation would be the lack of desserts (save for apples and pears), and choice of only 2 drinks (peach tea and green tea). Other than that, it was rather value-for-money, especially when you dine in using eatigo promotions or credit card one-for-one deals (around 13 SGD per pax)


If you're a lover of spicy food, then Old Chengdu's dishes will be right up your alley.

With delightfully fresh ingredients, all their dishes were amazing! A highlight would be their sichuan spicy fish. Major love for their tender fish fillets that will literally melt in your mouth. Cumin sliced pork also had the perfect blend of spices that thrilled my taste buds. :) Another recommended dish would be their stir-fried prawns with garlic and black fungus. Succulent prawns win me over anytime.

As for their xiaolongbaos and fried dumplings, they were pretty average, so it's alright to give it a miss.

Price-wise, it was pretty affordable for a restaurant so I would give it a thumbs-up! 👍


Their Miam Miam Spaghetti has a scattering if frankfurter slices, tomatoes, baby spinach, and bacon. The french butter wasn't discernible and the shoyu broth's flavour was slightly overwhelming that night. Thankfully they topped everything with my fav poached egg that made it so much better. Once again, poached eggs save the day :)

I preferred the Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti better, with its tender, flavourful pan seared chicken. When coupled with the Nippon sauce, seaweed and sesame seeds, the entire dish tasted amazingly rich.

Their main drawback is the spaghetti that was just a bit short of the perfect al dente taste. I suppose there is some truth to the reviews online saying that Miam Miam's desserts are their real highlights, not the mains.

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