Thick, fatty slices of salmon that melt in your mouth. Do use Fave to get it at 1-for-1, else it’s quite pricey.

Pasta cooked well, nice kick of spice with chilli padi and crispy soft shell crab. Can’t go too wrong with Swensens, comfort food done right!

Slightly on the sweeter side, chicken is lathered with a generous amount of sauce. Crispy skin and juicy flesh, good value considering the price. Good for sharing! :)

A go-to sushi place when I’m in the area. Favourites include the salmon sashimi & mentai tamago sushi. Try out the fried salmon skin too!

So much attention given to every piece of chicken, brushed evenly with the soy garlic sauce in every part. I’ve grown to choose the drumsticks more than the drumlets & wings, but that’s just my personal preference. Doesn’t take any credit away from this great dish! ^^

My personal favourites other than the signature chicken choices. Delicious and moist beef encased in rice and wrapped with a crispy seaweed. Must-have everytime I visit Jinjja! :)

Fresh seafood, refreshing broth. If you’re not a strong spice eater, order the normal and don’t go for the Monster! Fantastic dish to have especially on a cold rainy day :)

My partner had the Hickory BBQ chicken with Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato. Chicken’s always good, cheesy mac was not overpowering with the cheese and gave a nice soothing mouthful. Baked potato was soft and the butter really tied everything together. Will never go wrong with Andes! :)

Always a joy to eat at ANDES, quality food at very reasonable prices. Whenever I come here, I always order my favourite combo: Double Up Chicken (Fiery + Hickory BBQ) with Potato Salad & Pasta Salad! Love the depth of the BBQ, and the heat from the Fiery Chicken. One of my favourite places to eat! ^^

Sweet natural beverage that quenches your thirst after cycling around Pulau Ubin. Served with ice and a coconut half-shell so you can scrape and enjoy the thick and juicy flesh. A must-have on a day trip out to Ubin!

Fresh lobster for free with a purchase of the Bomdiggity Bag with the birthday promo. Not as flavourful as the dungeness crab from the bag, but it’s a free lobster so why not! Had it in garlic butter sauce as well, finger licking good :)

Fresh dungeness crab, prawns and clams encased in a bag with sausages and corn, enveloped in a tantalising garlic butter sauce. Nice ambience, adds to the mood as I savoured every edible item in the bag. Finished by 2 hungry individuals, a must try especially with the birthday promo! ^^