Choice of vermicelli or flat noodles for pad thai. Simple traditional dish, can’t go wrong with pad Thai. Nothing special except the portion is huge — very worth for the low price of $6. Queues are insanely long during peak hours so best to go before dinner crowd.

the brown sugar soft serve was the star in this desert! pancake was sooo eggy and the pearls were pretty meh but given its $6.80 pricetag its p good

yum: 7/10

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virgin souffle pancake! expensive at $19~ for a desert. ice cream melted quickly but it was pretty.

yum: 7/10

ngl got this for the #gram but it was nice! very thick, creamy, dragonfruit had to be slurped up and didnt really gel with the feel of the rice grains/yoghurt but it was an experience

yum: 6/10

second try! these two were hands down the best pies from their selection (not that ive tried many but i cant fathom that other pies could be better than these)

smores: so good and very gao, id totally js eat the custard out of a bowl. very chocolatey and rich, you'd be tempted to eat this slowly to savour the taste.

strawberry lemon: sooooo yummy. the tart flavour of the lemon perfectly balances the sweetness of the pie + the strawberry bits were perfect. this is heaven.

yum: 10/10 PLEASE get

first time here at windowsill pies!!
pineapple passionfruit yoghurt was nice — apparently the yoghurt were the white chunks we thought were nougats HAHAH v tangy and sweet

coconut lime vodka was intense. pie was mainly lime with vodka cubes, the whipped cream on top was coconut but tasted underwhelming

thought two pies were too little for my friend and i but the flavours are intense and we got satisfied pretty easily! seats are limited tho. got these with chope vouchers

yum: 8/10!

Don't be overwhelmed by the large selection of gorgeous intricate eclairs in this Parisian chic cafe. Start with their bestseller, Ispahan ($8.50), where a rose, raspberry and lychee cream combo sits in sweet choux pastry. Otherwise, the classic Dark Chocolate or Hazelnut ($8) are fine choices as well. For something rich and complex, try their Matcha ($8) Ă©clair which boasts a slightly bitter aftertaste. Psst. With #BurppleBeyond, get four Ă©clairs and two drinks for just $22!
Photo by Burppler Melissa Chia

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really good! matcha was strong, bread was soft n it paired perfectly w the chocolate.

yum: 7/10

yo this was GROSS. the soba sauce was js gross and not what i was used to (but then agn the standard of soba is the green tea soba from toss n turn). salmon poke was nice but nth amazing. expensive.

yum: 4/10

ok! not v awesome
generally this place was abit expensive n not v worth it uwu

yum: 3/10

salmon sashimi, aburi salmon belly, cubed spicy salmon, mentaiko seared salmon sashimi and ikura over Tanuki Raw’s signature mixed rice. yoo this was so yum!!! like stg i took damn long to eat this cos i was savouring my virgin try of authentic quality salmon. rice was MEH tho. also damn expensive they had service charge Hahaahahaha

yum: 7/10