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Ordered a simple beef bolognese and it is so fragrant and flavourful! They were very generous with the meat, totally worth it with 50% off on eatigo.
I had the mushroom soup too, wholesome and delicious.
The cafe is pretty cosy, with floor to ceiling windows making it spacious and a good place to spend a lazy afternoon.

Go there for the Korean Bbq meat! The Bbq pork we got was the best dish of all. The side dishes not pictured were amazing too!
However I felt the kimchi pancake was a little bland. Jajyangmeon was quite salty too, though on the whole it could be comforting.
Fried soy garlic chicken is yummy, much like the ones from Korean fast food 4 fingers.
Overall a great place for relaxing family meal, with really attentive and friendly staff in a cosy setting.

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A new gem in Thomson Plaza, this is deliciously Peranakan! Pictured is a set with chapchye, curry chicken, tahu and their signature dessert sago gula melaka. You can top up to get chendol.
You get to choose the meat you want, and 2 side dishes. The curry sauce for the chicken was simply delicious! Mine added up to around $10, a great price for delicious food!

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This is the spicy chicken ramen, love how there was a kick to the spiciness. They sell legit mainland Chinese food at really affordable prices, made even more affordable with burpple 1 for 1. :)
Must try 口水鸡when you're there.

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Pictured is the kimchi soup, note that it doesn't come with rice. It was simply delicious, satisfying spicy level!
My friend ordered pork rib stew, she loved the soup in the stew too! Strongly recommend!

Great little restaurant right opposite Jalan Besar DTL Station! My favourite was the Japanese dumplings far right of the photo, true to what other reviewers described. We had the Hong Kong congee, full of ingredients. Siew mai and Har gao were great too, Prawns were fresh! Loved the fried beancurd skin with shrimp too!
However the xiao long bao was not too tasty.
Custard bun was good, with a crispy crust. Would love to bring more people there!

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Came here to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday and pleasantly surprised to see how nicely decorated it is, in a relaxing outdoorsy location! One can enjoy the night with a bar that serves mocktails and bottles of wine.

Pictured are 2 mains, squid ink paella pasta with seafood, and lamb chops with fried potatoes, both nicely done. We had 4 tapas, all delicious, but my favourites were the mushroom in cream, and a Spanish omelette.

Drinks were the highlight, all had refreshing taste and were unique! The staff gave a personal touch by singing our friend a birthday song. Really great place for a girls' night out!

Delicious salmon Don!
This dish is only available on Fave for $14.90 with Miso soup. In a restaurant shaped like a ship, you can watch the cook torch your salmon and smell the delicious flavour. Comes with onsen egg!
If only it was a little less creamy, it would be perfect. Something leafy or of a lighter palate would be a good complement too.

My friend ordered truffle cream salmon Don for 13.90, also a bit too creamy. Overall a cosy place to hang out in pairs or have alone time!

Pictured are the seafood paella and stewed beef cheeks.. Both taste amazing!! Paella was nicely done with delicious sauce, beef soft and tender and mashed potatoes was delicious!

We also ordered some sides: tortilla chips with hummus, crispy chips and good hummus. And a dish named ceviche, delicious pappadum with a concoction of sea bass and fruits. It is as interesting as it sounds, but both sides were not my favourite.

Tried the pandan churros too, lovely! Great place with great decor that is bound to cheer you up!

Tried the beef rendang flavour for the first time today, it was amazing!! So rich in flavour and so delicious, and I liked that the skin was not too thick. Thumbs up!

Picture credit to another Burpple user.

My 2nd time here, and I loooooove the pasta! This time I got the To Ppong Tomato, al dente pasta in spicy sauce, really delicious. My friend had the Keu Ppong Cream, same ingredients but cream base, which she loved too.
And I never fail to get Lychee Yoghurt drink, its the best! 👍
Would definitely return.

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Complimentary fruit juice in test tubes, water in beakers... We got the lunch set for 12++, I got the Dory fish which was delicious, my friend had deep fried pork burger which she enjoyed. Great ambience too, with soft toys at every table for that cosy lunch!
Also a kids play area, family friendly!