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Warrants Another Visit Came back for the second time with more companions. Ordered the chili crab risotto which was good and so soul comforting when it's still hot.But by the 3rd spoon or when it's cold,the taste get very very Jelat and you rather wish you be eating Quaker oats instead. The grilled prawns were good as usual as well the Fried calamari!- they changed the batter so it's definitely better than my first visit. Also ordered the XL clams and the Curry Mussels which taste very fresh and invigorating! The smoked fish pate were a stand out!Slap the pate on the toasted sourdough supplied from Nearby Motherdough - your tongue will dance in Heaven! It taste so damn good! The boss as usual is very very hospitable as well his staff's.All of them were so friendly.Its a great joy eating here really!
Look at the size of these cockles! We had 500g cockles $18, la-la $14, curry mussels with mantou $16 + extra 3 mantou $2, smoked fish pate with sourdough $16, sea bass nori pasta $22, and canto garoupa $26. My second time back at Scaled (without burpple beyond) and I will still come back! My family really enjoyed the food (my Uncle practically drank all the curry), atmosphere and service. Really worth a visit but remember to make a reservation!
Seabass Pasta. Another highlight for me here - the nicely brined seabass paired with nori cream pasta. The radish and tobiko were meant to offset the creaminess of the pasta but I felt worked better to provide a nice crunch to this dish!
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