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Much raved cafe in town. Curious like a cat, ordered a curious Croquet Madame. Sounded intriguing on the menu, but it was a rather let down when I was served with the Curious's version of Croque Madame. Prosciutto ham sandwiched between plain bread. How disappointing. I was expecting some cheese at least:( Would prefer brioche liked bread with cheese. The sandwich was topped with poached egg ( a little over cooked, not runny). What a let down! Will give this place another chance to try the famous ricotta pancake. Bad choice


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Amazing waffle @whiskandpaddlesg
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I always order the waffle topped with ice cream.and fruits whenever I visit group therapy. Having a sweet tooth, I am so pleased to paired this waffle with vanilla ice cream and earl grey caramel sauce. Woah. Just what you need to chill your weekend and hide from the current hazy weather. Total damage: $15


Situated in the same coffeeshop as the famous ba chor mee, Happy Chef Western is a stall which western food not to be missed. Apart from the usual fare, Happy Chef also serves unique menu like chicken kiev, honey chicken and etc. Intrigued by hawker serving chicken kiev (missed the one we are in Germany), we ordered a prortion to share. Though it was more of a cordon bleu than chicken kiev, the tender chicken wrapped with chicken and oozing cheese was just too yummy, not too dry and hard. The dish was served with 2 side dishes (we ordered spaghetti and mash potatoes) and was only $10. If you just have no patience to queue for the ba chor mee, this western stall is not bad as an alternative

Back to this hidden gem at kg bugis. Have not been here for years. Love the industrial feel and the uluness of this place. Ordered a cold brew and flat white. Coffee was rich, smooth and not acidic which suits my taste bud.

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Another branch opened by the famous Laurent Bernard at Robertson Quay which serves heavenly souffle and chocolate. We had rum&raisin hot choc, flat white and ordered an equater (cake) to go along. Verdict: The chocolate sponge of the cake is tad too dry while the chocolate layer was thick and rich. Flat white was just nice - not too acidic. Hot choc was lacking the rum&raisin taste. Too weak the flavour though the chocolate drink was thick and creamy. Total damage: $30

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