Finally! Tried their famous red velvet waffles!
Crispy, fluffy and thick waffles with yummy strawberry shortcake ice cream stacked in between. The waffles are in such a pretty red colour that makes you happy when you see them. Now I know why its their famous waffles. I went to waffles heaven and came back! The next time I'm there, I'm gonna try their savoury waffles! $14.50 for a serving like this.

Tried out their red velvet waffles with strawberry cheesecake icecream and topped with chocolate sauce!

If u know me well, u know I love chocolate icecream. But this strawberry cheesecake icecream captured my heart on the first taste! And their waffles? Fluffy and goes really well with the ice cream! $6.90 for the waffles and top up $3 for a scoop of ice cream! Sauce topping is complimentary.
Spoke to the folks at the cafe and this place just opened in early Jan and in the upcoming months, they will start serving brunch! Now new hangout for ice cream, waffles and good coffee! 😍

Im going to Route 66 Cafe 😁

Enjoying a cup of ice mocha at this new cafe. I like the texture and thickness of the coffee but downside its a bit small sized but nevertheless awesome mocha! And new hangout for me in the east!


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So wanna faster snap a photo and dig in. This time round I ordered the normal fish soup ban mian with extra 蛋丝. Soooo good!