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Too Pricy Very Little Quantity We ordered a falafel salad and hummus platter which was over $15 but too little. The burger was too tiny and was surprised by the size of it. Don't get me started on the Kombucha drink. I wouldn't go there again.
[📍Afterglow by Anglow] After seeing several mix reviews online as well as seeing them featured on foodking "healthy food" episode, I was a little curious to try their #eatclean food (especially since they also serve raw vegan food which sounds interesting). However, i was quite hesitant to try due to mix reviews online about how the portion was really small and how raw vegan food was an acquired taste. We ordered the: 1. Avocado kimchi rolls ($14) -Served with almond sushi 'rice', housemade kimchi and topped with avocado. - My mum felt that the sushi was too dry for her liking as they used nuts rather than rice. For me, i felt that the kimchi did add a crunchy and juicy texture to the entire dish. The dish wasnt mindblowingly tasty and tasted pretty average. Its definitely drier than the avocado sushi that has sticky moist japanese rice. Having been in korea for months for my semester exchange, i felt that the kimchi taste was too mild for my liking and wasnt very authentic. -3/5 2. Acai Bowl ($15) -Acai berry, raw museli, seasonal fruits and raw berry puree. -This acai bowl was TOOOO SWEET for our liking. It totally lacked the sour accent of berries. The raw museli was too hard for us that we didnt finished it. Overall we didnt enjoy it as it felt really one dimension and all we could remember about this dish was just the word SWEET. I felt that the sweetness masked the acai profile (as we couldnt taste the fruity red wine flavour with chocolate overtones that most acai blend have). -The portion is really very small (probably between the size of a medium to large acai bowl) and for $15, it is a tad too pricey, especially since the ingredients/toppings were very little. -0/5 Worth it: 1/5. Yeap i have to agree with the online reviews that the small portion certainly does not justify its price (with 10% svc). Also, the taste was below/just average and hence i wouldnt pay so much for it. Ps. We went to try as we saw that they have 50% discount for EATIGO users at weird timings (ie 3-4.30pm) if you are interested to try then i feel using the eatigo deal would be better. Taste: 1.5/5 Overall: 2.5/10 No go😖😖 not for us😅 Can go Must go #burpple
Jie Yin
Salted Caramel Two thin slices of salted caramel cake with interesting bits of nuts and fruit - dragon fruit, blueberries on top. The cake is smaller than it looks in the image but heavy to eat. It is not too sweet and contains honey (so do let them know if you can’t take honey) which I liked.
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Don't Go With Delivery Everything is overpriced and over-hyped. Delivery was super late, owners didn't inform till I called them. Had to call the cafe to ask if the driver was coming near 6pm since I haven't heard from them since they called to inform that my order had missing item at 4ish pm (which they should have done so before my delivery time slot). Booked for 4-6pm, first part of my order came at 7pm. My order wasn't even complete! They missed out my dinner and just delivered coffee and dessert! BEST! Desserts before meals right? Dinner only came by much much later, around 8pm! Apology was sloppy and service was just deplorable compared to other cafes offering similar menus. This is my first and my last time with SR. Really unfortunate.
Strangers' Reunion @ Outram Park, one of the pioneer cafes in the Central District of Singapore 🤗 Weekends are nearing, and being no stranger to the cafe scene at Kampong Bahru since 2012, we visited here mainly just to enjoy amazing coffee and hearty meals😋 Definitely a place worth visiting!! 😄 • Living up to the quality food to our palate, the generous Truffle Tagliatelle pasta was easily our favourite dish, cooked al dente along with their nearly perfect mushroom sauce, strong truffle taste and flavourful!! 😋 And as always, their buttermilk waffles texture was crisp and soft on the inside too 🙌🏻 • Featuring 📸: 🍝Truffle Tagliatelle ($17.90++) 👍🏻 🍨🧇Homemade Mixed Berry Compote Buttermilk Waffles ($12.90++) 🍫🥛Sea Salt Chocolate, chilled ($6.90++) — My go-to and fav besides their latte 🤤👍🏻 🍵Matcha Latte ($5.90++)
Chocolatey waffles! What initially seem to be a Nutella-drizzled waffle did not really taste like it but it was equally good. Real good. The ice cream just tops everything. This is definitely a welcome alternative to their other fruity waffles. . In frame: Hazelnut Praline Waffles [$14.5]
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Lunch Set Throwback Lunch Set at @therefinerysg Served with appetizer, miso soup and drink Mentaiko Pasta (S$18++) Evenly coated pasta. Only the scallops was kind of over cooked. Topup S$7.50++ for Ice Coffee Ball The Refinery Address 🏡 : 115 King George’s Avenue, # 01-02 Singapore 🇸🇬 208 561 Tel ☎️ : 6293 1204 Website 🌐 : http://www.therefinery.sg
Not worth the price! 🥴 Was honestly looking forward to trying this place but was utterly disappointed by their most famous dish the ‘Epic’ Beef Gyudon ($25++) it lacked flavour in the entire dish and its only saving grace was the foie gras. when we spoke to the waiter to ask if there was anything that could be done, he came back saying that “it is supposed to taste like that” and proceeded with a tub of truffle oil (LITERALLY THE OIL) on the side with a sauce that was meant for another dish. i was utterly disappointed not just with the quality of food i was paying at a steep price but also with the professionalism and customer service they provided!!! The Nanban ($9) was very average, the batter was heavy and thus it didn’t leave the fried chicken with a crisp airy feel. overall would rate it a 6.5/10. i was rather interested to try their other dishes such as the tempura kangkong and chicken bones. The best dish of the day was the Salmon Belly don ($18) which was on the seasonal menu. the salmon portions were huge and due to the cut of the salmon being the belly, it was extremely tender and flavourful. the flavours used were extremely well balanced & i was extremely satisfied with the dish. overall experience: service: 3/10 ambience: 7/10 quality of food: 6.5/10 would i go back? NOPE. especially because the only good dish is on a seasonal menu which will be gone soon.
✨The Refinery 🇸🇬✨⁣ ⁣ How about some Wagyu Tartare ($15) and a bowl of grilled salmon don ($12) for you? 😍⁣ ⁣ I was pleasantly surprised with the wagyu tartare as they added satay sauce to the tartare. Interesting choice of sauce and it elevated the flavor of the beef. 😌😌 However, my lunch buddy didn’t like the satay sauce so it really depends on your taste preferences. 🤪🤪⁣ ⁣ As for the grilled salmon don, no complaints about the grilled salmon and rice but would prefer more sauce/seasoning on the rice. ☺️☺️ ⁣ ⁣ 🍽 is at 115 King George's Ave, 02, 208561⁣ ⁣ 🕰 Mon-Thurs 12-3pm / 6-11pm ⁣ 🕰 Fri 12-3pm / 6-1am ⁣ 🕰 Sat 11-4pm / 6-1am ⁣ 🕰 Sun 11-4pm ⁣ ⁣ Overall Rating: 3.5/5⁣ Things that I loved: The ambience & pocket friendly prices. 😌🤩⁣ ⁣ #burpple ⁣
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Decent Bingsu, Albeit Pricey Bingsu used to be all the range but it isn’t as popular as it used to be 2 - 4 years back. However, if you need an icy treat in Singapore’s blisteringly hot heat, you can consider O’ma Spoon. They have pretty decent Bingsu that hit all the right spots, but it’s on the pricier side IMO. But hey, that’s how it is in general for Korean food all around in Singapore so I can’t really complain either. Their mango Bingsu, which is about S$19.90 if I’m not wrong, features very fleshy and juicy chunks of mangoes that are paired with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and an adorable mini slice of cheese cake. I like how the sweetness factor here isn’t too overwhelming, unlike other bingsu variations like Oreo etc. Will come back for it, but only if my wallet isn’t feeling too empty.
Green Tea Red Bean ($14.90), Injeolmi ($13.90) Because Yole was closed at 10:05pm, I was delighted and also surprised to find a bingsoo alternative in Oma Spoon which have stood the test of time! While the bingsoo food fad has long weaned, this korean dessert establishment is still surviving! Why? I’d think attributable to a myriad of factors from location, to product offerings (petite bingsoo go from $6++ onwards - a wallet friendlier option); also the as mentioned situation I found myself in. Still the 2 bingsoo we got to share were all made with good ingredients but I was not pleased with the clumps of ice blocks within the supposed fine shaved ice expected of bingsoo.
Injeolmi Bingsu ($12.90) O’ma spoon is one of the best places in town to get bingsu! Injeolmi is one of their signature flavours, and I like how generous they are with the chewy rice cakes 😋 This is a great choice if you’re looking for something icy to share! They also offer mini portions for around half the price, which is great if you want to try multiple flavours, or if you’re eating alone! They also serve drinks and toast 😋
Wei Ting
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