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‘don’t want to work’ (right) was good, essentially an oolong fresh milk tea with blue pearls ($3.8) but i’m not a fan of the texture of their pearls, which is soft kinda like muah-chee??

my friend commented that the yuzu green tea tastes a bit like cough medicine HAHA anyway for the price ($5.8), i think another choice would be better!

imo i think their drinks are a little pricey for bubble tea and taste pretty ordinary, so i wouldn’t get it if there are other bubble tea options around!

my friend had the matcha latte and she said it was good but i wouldn’t recommend the hojicha ice blended- melted way too quickly and it was like melted ice cream, which i guess some wouldn’t mind but not for me

found my new favourite chirashi down in town! really worth every cent and especially love the tempura bits included 😌

we topped up $2++ for the set but imo it’s not worth because both the chawanmushi + miso soup are too salty :-(