i love the burrito bowl tho i feel like the portions are getting smaller…. but it still makes me full lol. deal does make it slightly cheaper, under $10, so i guess it’s worth

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food is typical, burpple deal isn’t exceptional, tho i do like their mentaiko sauce it’s got a good burnt taste to it. and it’s a meal that makes u FULL

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forever an advocate of this place!! love the atmosphere and spaciousness of the restaurant, and how friendly the staff are. i always get my cheese quesadilla and top it up with chicken :) it’s not the cheapest but i always come out feeling extra full and hearty i love the sides and the spices too. my friend got the falafel set and that was pretty GREAT too. can’t wait to try other things on their menu

the packaging is really pretty and cute!! a few interesting flavours to choose from, and the chocolate is a little bitter but that’s coming from a non-dark chocolate eater like me. the 1 for 1 deal is pretty sick tho

the set is quite a mouthful - your donburi, miso soup, salad and a meat side dish. we got yakitori sticks this time (you usually can’t choose and i think they switch it up from time to time). total was about $19+ per person after including gst, which i think is quite a normal price point for a set like this. got the chicken teriyaki don, it’s very very typical

a cafe with good vibes! got an apple pie and some sausage roll. wasn’t anything spectacular but it’s good for its price point

forever the biggest fan of their honey charred chicken - it’s so tender and well-seasoned i literally salivate upon the thought of it. the mushrooms are heavenly and this is coming from a mushroom hater. the salad has a nice touch of sweetness and acidity, and the sweet potato fries add good texture :)

one of the heartiest meals ever!!!!!


a cafe tucked in a little corner at bras basah. has your usual coffees, didn’t have a huuuge variety of cakes to choose from, but we got the basque burnt cheesecake and red velvet cake! our iced lattes also came with a biscuit each. coffee was smooth and slightly bitter but i guess the cakes balanced it out! we went on a weekday so we were practically the only customers there and it made for a v cosy afternoon 🌻🌻

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i absolutely looove green common :”) we came back here a second time bc we were digging their fish and chips from the first time we tried it 🤠🤠 fake meat but tasted like a yummy fish nugget. once again love their pea purée (and i usually hate peas so this is hUGE coming from me). also got lemon tea as our drink to balance out the oiliness from the batter. overall a hearty n sustainable meal 🌱🌱

for this branch i think they only let us use the deal for the giant/jumbo set?? i can’t rly rmb, was a while ago. but they had a variety of seasonings to choose from. the staff seemed a bit blur lol so i think she wasn’t sure herself but she said we had to choose the same flavour for both sets which was sadge 🥲 but at least we could choose diff flavours for the fries and popcorn so we tried seaweed and bbq! classic la can’t rly go wrong w those. serving size was also v big so you’ll definitely be full!! worth with burpple!

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v sadly can’t rmb the exact flavours we got but i know i tried the pandan pearls which had a vvv vague hint of flavouring but wasn’t exactly strong. was also a macchiato which i rmbed was creamy and nice! amounted to abt $3+ per person for large sized cups so i guess it’s worth

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i m probably the biggest gelatissimo fan out there i will always advocate for this brand bc it’s just so good and burpple makes it so worth! can’t rmb for sure but the flavours we got were mango (the best, no cap), forest berry yogurt, decadent cookie dough, green apple. no second thoughts y’all just get

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