TLL (The Lobby Lounge) serves up a straightforward high tea, at $44++ for 2 pax, thanks to Burpple Beyond.

I particular enjoyed the five spiced kurobuta pork ngoh hiang with mango salsa and lemon scones (strawberry jam was delish). My only gripe was there was more sweets than savoury for a peranakan take- and it may be a tad too much for a sweet tooth like me.

Without breaking the bank, I’ll pretty sure I’ll return again. And who knows, the menu might have some slight tweaks!


Elixir does one of a better scrambles, infused nicely with truffle shavings. No words for prosciutto cause, it’s self explanatory good on its own. Though the portion may seem small on the first impressions, the brioche and eggs it leaves me belly full.

Ooh, they do good coffees too.

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Returning at Seventh, who blew me away at their rendition of Beef Hor Fun, I tried their Cod Fish variation this time. It was gooood (and healthier too!)

Note: My preference was to ask for less salt which was more suited for my palate. Their earlier dish was a tad heavy on sodium.

I love Soondubu Chigae and very typically, have a preference for homemade tofu. It is way different from the standard silken tofu normally used in restaurants. SBCD serves a good one, and I had it in Very Spicy. Honestly, it isn’t too spicy for me!

If you’re craving for a hearty stew, SCBD Tofu House or Bornga are my top 2 and only pick to go to.

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