Pork chops, fish and chips, pan fried fish, rosti, Mac and cheese, and cheese loaded fries! Pretty adorable and food was still good even though it was delivered!

$1.70 rainbow loaf with a scoop of ice cream. No ice cream uncle no problem!

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Dabaoed the half chicken pot ($38.80) and prepared the ingredients at home. So satisfying!!

Ordered a medium and large cup, was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out! The acai was not too icy and was creamy, came packed full of ingredients!

Ordered a variety of toasts - Kaya butter, butter sugar, peanut butter; and pandan Kaya and pandan chiffon cake.

Ordered tanghoon, pineapple fried rice, kangkong, broccoli, tom yum goong, thai fish cake. Not bad!

Must gets at Changi Village: Weng Kee Ipoh horfun, sweet potato fritters, 3-in-1 fried fritters (yam, sweet potato, niangao), satay and chicken wings, sweet potato leaves, white beehoon (lala and fish).