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Black Pepper Sirloin Steak ($13) If you’re looking for yummy & affordable steaks, you can consider this stall located in a Coffeeshop. The sirloin steak was served in a sizzling hot plate with black pepper sauce drizzled on it. The steak was tasty and comparable to those steakhouse standard. It also came with heavily buttered fried potato ball and baked beans.
🎶Nobody gonna love me better~ I’m gon’ STEAK wit you forever~🎶 . Nested in the heartlands of Toa Payoh is Uno Beef House, known for serving some quality STEAKs at pocket-friendly prices.✔ . Somehow I feel like the size of their Sirloin Steak ($13) had shrunk over the years but the cut of beef used is still not bad! 👌🏻 Juicy with a nice chew but not overly tough to warrant a major jaw exercise. Not the most succulent but for the price point, this is pretty decent! 😋 . Like the sweet-savoury black pepper sauce that lends so much flavours to the well-marinated meat! 😍😍😍 The sizzling hotplate did not affect the doneness of the meat while keeping the food warm, which is definitely a plus point! 👍🏻 . Also featuring a side of baked beans, garlic bread (which would be way better if they toasted it), a halved tomato, the homemade fried mash potato is clearly a winner! 💕 Just lightly battered & fried to the perfect crisp on the exterior while remaining moist & soft inside, the potato mash was well-seasoned & buttery! A tasty treat on its own! ❤ . Overall, their food standard is undoubtedly better than other western stalls u can find at coffeeshops/hawker centres! 👍🏻 Ribeye at $15 & tenderloin at $18, this is some value-for-money steak that I would return for. 😊
Chicken Chop One of my favourite western food stalls. Love their crispy fried chicken chop with coleslaw, baked beans and fries.
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The Tarts Not all tarts are great. The pandan and lemon tarts are better. I wish the tarts base can be more fragrant and buttery. Looks prettier than it taste.
last night’s desserts uwu~ if yall can’t already tell, i have a giant sweet tooth 😅 — my mom bought some tarts from Tarte & my dad bought local bakery bread so we all got a mini dessert buffet HAHAHA bc we cut everything into 5 to feed everyone. first pic - mango & salted caramel tart + strawberry cake. the mango tart was pretty typical (tasted good tho). the salted caramel one had a cake at the top, cream surrounding it, salted caramel below the cake and then the tart base. the cake was chocolate flavoured. this was my fave bc i love salted caramel 😋 strawbs cake was creamy yet refreshing bc of the tart strawberries (OOOOOH was that what they were going for bc tart... 2 meanings...) anyways. i usually don’t like cream but Tarte’s cream... gimme!!! — next is the bread. now that i look at it it reminds me of a green highlighter 😂 it’s pandan bread with pb & strawbs jam. can yall pls scroll to the last vid & look at how SOFT & FLUFFY THE BREAD IS. it felt like a sponge cake & i didn’t want to squish/poke it so hard bc i didn’t want to flatten/take away it’s softness. it also felt like that when eaten, and the fillings weren’t too sweet so it was so nice! i asked my dad to buy more of this instead of the more common ones he usually buys 😙
Something sweet to start weekend . Feature Blueberry and clementine tart from @tartebycherylkoh. So sad I can’t try then kamquat coz it’s not available that day.. 💰$10. 📍Tarte By Cheryl Koh. 1 Scott’s Road #02-12. Shaw Centre.
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Mega Cheese Festival Good news to all Cheese lovers, Kushikatsu Tanaka has recently introduced their Mega Cheese Festival, with exclusive menu available only at their Singapore’s outlet. For those who have not heard about Kushikatsu Tanaka (KKT) , KKT is well known for its osaka style crisp fried skewers which is fried with secret oil blend with beef fats and homemade panko crumbs. _🍽 Mega Cheese Chikuwa Kushikatsu ($6) _🍽 Unagi Kushikatsu ($2.50) _🍽 Hanpen Kushikatsu ($1.50) _🍽 Mini Taiyaki Kushikatsu ($2) I have also enjoyed dipping the above mentioned items in their new dipping sauces (3 sauces at $4): Chilli Crab, Japanese Curry and Nacho Cheese sauce. _🍽 Cheesy Chirtori Nabe ($18) _🍽 DIY Takoyaki ($11) Apart from that, KKT offers wide range of Jim Beam highballs such as Triple berry highball, triple citrus highball. It is always good to enjoy a glass of highball with some fried skewers and enjoy the cheesy feast!
DIY Unagi Takoyaki Time to visit KKT to have some fun time to DIY your own takoyaki!
Kushikatsu Tanaka famous for their Osaka-style crisp-fried skewer. With their secret oil blend with beef fats and homemade Panko crumbs, made the skewers light and crisp. Feature DIY Takoyaki. a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. DIY takoyaki set lets us cook our own takiyoki. Its fun experience and after that we can enjoy it. There are 3 options of topping to choose and for cheese lovers, Add $3.00 for extra topping of cheese. 💰$10 for prawn and tako.. $11 for unagi. 📍Kushikatsu Tanaka Singapore. 3A River Valley Road, Merchant Court Clarke Quay. block A #01-01B.
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