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| UNO Beef House . The Mushroom Soup ($2.50) tasted very much like a saltier version of a campbell mushroom soup. Although it lacked the fragrance of mushrooms, it was served hot and went pretty well with the garlic bread. . The Black Pepper Sirloin Steak ($13.00) was quite ordinary. However, considering the price point and location, the cooking standard for this dish was good. The glorious slab of meat came sizzling in a black pepper based sauce on top of a hot plate which proved to be a great starter for the senses. The meat retained its juiciness and we thoroughly enjoyed chewing on every bite. . We would recommend to go for the Mixed Platter ($12.00) which includes chicken chop, pork chop, bacon, ham, egg, fries, baked beans and a garlic bread. The pork chop was the only disappointment as the meat was dry, tough and was not well seasoned. On the other hand, the bacon was very flavourful and was crispy with a slightly charred side. The sunny side up egg had a really runny yolk which we gladly mopped up with the crispy garlic bread. . The Grill Fish ($8.00) was fantastic. The skin had a gentle crunch on each bite. In contrast, the flesh was super soft, juicy and came off easily when cut with a fork. Paired with zesty lemon juice and the cool tartar sauce, this grilled fish would make us drool even in our sleep. For sides, a fried potato ball was served. Although it was not served hot, the crust maintained its crunchy texture. The interior was made of a smooth and fine potato mix that had a slight buttery taste. . We ordered Chicken Spaghetti ($6.00) that was full of unpleasant surprises. The spaghetti tasted too soggy while the tomato sauce did not stand out. The real surprise was the chicken chunks as they felt like the sweet and sour pork. The chicken was not unpleasant tasting but was just really weird with western noodles. . Another dish that failed to make the mark was the Fried Rice with Fish Cutlet ($6.00). The fried rice arrived with no trace of any warmth and tasted mushy. The rice felt like it was barely seasoned. The batter failed to give the fish cutlet a crispy texture though the flesh within was still pretty soft. . Full post: bit.ly/2wupCMa
Black Pepper Sirloin Steak ($13) If you’re looking for yummy & affordable steaks, you can consider this stall located in a Coffeeshop. The sirloin steak was served in a sizzling hot plate with black pepper sauce drizzled on it. The steak was tasty and comparable to those steakhouse standard. It also came with heavily buttered fried potato ball and baked beans.
🎶Nobody gonna love me better~ I’m gon’ STEAK wit you forever~🎶 . Nested in the heartlands of Toa Payoh is Uno Beef House, known for serving some quality STEAKs at pocket-friendly prices.✔ . Somehow I feel like the size of their Sirloin Steak ($13) had shrunk over the years but the cut of beef used is still not bad! 👌🏻 Juicy with a nice chew but not overly tough to warrant a major jaw exercise. Not the most succulent but for the price point, this is pretty decent! 😋 . Like the sweet-savoury black pepper sauce that lends so much flavours to the well-marinated meat! 😍😍😍 The sizzling hotplate did not affect the doneness of the meat while keeping the food warm, which is definitely a plus point! 👍🏻 . Also featuring a side of baked beans, garlic bread (which would be way better if they toasted it), a halved tomato, the homemade fried mash potato is clearly a winner! 💕 Just lightly battered & fried to the perfect crisp on the exterior while remaining moist & soft inside, the potato mash was well-seasoned & buttery! A tasty treat on its own! ❤ . Overall, their food standard is undoubtedly better than other western stalls u can find at coffeeshops/hawker centres! 👍🏻 Ribeye at $15 & tenderloin at $18, this is some value-for-money steak that I would return for. 😊
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Matcha Latte Was craving for a good cup of matcha latte and found my way to hvala . A little disappointed with the matcha latte here - not that the grade of green tea powder wasn’t good but more so the milk 🥛 overpowered the green tea powder and it wasn’t a harmonious drink. It could likely be the brand of milk used . It was a pretty small cup for 5.80 and the “ value Queen “ within me wasn’t too happy too. Most of the cakes are also not made in house - I saw them at cafes else where and the gelatos were expensive😨. Still on my search for a good cup of matcha latte 🥺
Genmaicha Latte Ice Blend ($6) For the uninitiated, genmaicha is actually toasted brown rice with green tea! Its a really fragrant drink, with robust notes of toasted rice which i love. Their ice blends are ideal if you don't like the "siap siap" powdery texture which might come with the usual lattes. I usually am fine with or without milk for the ice blends, but for the genmaicha I would totally recommend having it with milk, which i prefer due to the creamier and richer taste. If not, the taste is a little too thin and feels a little like just ingesting sugar water 😶 Do ask for your ice blends less sweet though, because i feel that the usual sweetness level is kind of a sugar overkill 😅
Lava Cake (Matcha) Lava cake filled with rich and authentic warm matcha complemented with hokkaido vanilla ice cream. Taste was perfect in a sense that it isnt too sweet and was simply a delight to have a mouth of both the lavacake and ice cream together.
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🇯🇵 + 🍤 + 🍻 #KushikatsuTanaka has introduced a Okinawa Fair menu, exclusive in Singapore only 🇸🇬 . Enjoy their signature golden fried skewers along with a Shikuwasa Lemon Sour or Okinawa Sling Highball 🍋🍺 . Super love the fried egg skewer where the yolk is still soft & slightly runny 🐣 Other items in the Okinawa Fair menu includes okinawa-style grilled pork spare ribs, umi budo (okinawa 'sea grapes'), okinawa mozuku (seaweed) & taco salad 🐷 A really great place to just chill & relax with your friends on the weekends or after work 😌 . 📍@clarkequaysg 3A River Valley Road Merchants' Court Clarke Quay Block A # 01-01B Singapore 179020 Thank you @kkt.sg @brandcellar for having me! 🙆‍♂️❤ . #ClarkeQuaySg #SgJapaneseFood #FoodMakesCalHappy
@kkt.sg launches their newest Grand Menu. 😍 With around 160 outlets worldwide, Kushikatsu Tanaka is Japan's number 1 Kushikatsu chain. They are highly famous for their Fried Crispy Skewers with their signature dipping sauce. 🍢🍤🍢🍤 Enjoy Popular Osaka Streetfood and pair it with an extensive range of Japanese Alcoholic Beverages. 🍾🍾🍾 Currently, they have a dice game where you can win a pint of Free Highball or half price. 😂 This is a very good place to chill after work Thank you @brandcellar for the invite 😃
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Kushikatsu Tanaka SG Clarke Quay Block A Kushikatsu Tanaka - Japan's Number 1 Kushikatsu chain with over 160 outlets worldwide - is famous for its deli Fried Crispy Skewers and Signature Dipping Sauce: <> Japanese Curry <> Cheese <> Chilli Crab Sauce (Local Inspired). You can also enjoy popular Osaka street food, and a great range of Japanese alcoholic beverages like @jimbeamofficial Highball at this lively kushikatsu izakaya. Never miss out the fun @kkt.sg , you and your friends can took part in a dice game where you win a pint of free High Ball or you might pay half price or even pay double. It is a good place to chill after work with colleagues or friends over some good Kushi and alcohol. I would recommend you to try out their Cheezy Chicken Stew 🐔🍗🥘
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Decent Hotpot Good For Groups Portion here is huge. They do not have half portion so it will be better to come in a group so that you can try more! Pales in comparison to BIAP and Haidilao but overall still decent. Service was good. Allowed us to cancel the dishes after ordering.
Upin Hotpot ($16 For 3 Bases) 🌶 Situated at Clarke Quay Central & Orchard Gateway, Upin Hotpot is a rival of the famous HDL, but in a pocket-friendly way. They have popular soup bases such as mala and tomato soup, which is cooked daily to ensure its freshness and standards. You’d be able to find the typical favourites such as shrimp paste ($12), Fried Beancurd Skin ($6) & the usual meaty suspects, Pork Belly ($8) & US Beef Slices ($12). Portions all come in full sizes as half sizes are not available (yet), but still remains fairly affordable at <$30 a pax, ensuring that you’re filled to the brim.
Choice Of Three Broths At Upin Visited Upin for a small pre-CNY gathering with friends after reading some reviews that it’s the more affordable and ‘some say even better’ than HDL option. I made a reservation online requesting for a table overlooking the river (definitely do that because the view is nice!). Since it was for CNY, I also asked if it was possible to order Yu sheng or bring our own. They do serve Yu sheng but it requires one day advance booking. I received a call from them the day after confirming the reservation and asking about the Yu sheng. I’m a jiak kantang so I get antsy when Chinese restaurants call me especially if they speak mandarin - thank goodness this wasn’t the case here. The lady who called to confirm my reservation was very pleasant. There was no queue at Upin when I arrived at 6.30pm and was promptly escorted to our table overlooking Clarke Quay. Like HDL, drinks are free flow but with additional charge (except for water). Condiments - similar situation. They pressed us to order the broths we wanted despite 3/5 of our group still absent. A max of 3 broths can be ordered, so we opted for mushroom, tomato and ma la. I do think the broths are pretty yummy, and they can go toe to toe with HDL, although the fragrance of the ma la broth wasn’t as strong or spicy. Yu sheng was served after the hotpot. When it arrived, the colour on the dish looked quite dull. Not the usual vibrant colours of Yu sheng that excite me. The veg didn’t taste very fresh, and we didn’t enjoy the Yu sheng much. But of course they are a hotpot restaurant, so I can’t hold it against them. Would definitely give this a miss if I ever visited during CNY period again. Overall, the decor isn’t as fancy, the service isn’t as attentive or friendly, nor are the ingredient and condiment selections as extensive as HDL. But it is definitely a more affordable option - so if budget is what’s on your mind - Upin is a viable alternative. For me though, there are other hotpot places I’d give a try before returning here, and I’d stick with HDL for the times I want to splurge on hot pot.
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