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Get all 4 flavours of waffles - charcoal, buttermilk, matcha, red velvet and another 4 scoops of ice cream of ure choice! good for sharing fle 6 pax! we had thai milk tea(sabai sabai), cookies&cream, matcha and mint. delicious!

On offer now at $3.80 for medium size! if you like your pearls to be super sweet and chewy, this is the place. for me, the pearls overpower the milk taste and became really hard to finish cuz it was too darn sweet!

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This was one of the few "dim sum" available for dinner timing. nice soft fluffy with bean sprouts to add a crunch. the XO sauce is nt spicy and would be better if they put more of it!

Beware of the oozing hot chilli crab sauce! le bf and myself got our lips burnt, not once, not twice but thrice as we tried to attack this bun. the sauce has a balanced sweet to chilli ratio and even has crab strands too. savoury bao!

This char siew fattiness is no joke. its like 95% fat and 5% meat. the sauce and char was on point.

a char siew rice will cost u $3.50 and char siew hor fun is $4.00. very reasonable meal (:

omg. this cheese tart is so delicious! eat fresh on the spot for tt soft gooey texture. put it in the fridge and you get a cheesecake-like texture with a tart base. definitely will re-purchase