Super clean durian flavour, not too sweet either. Love that it’s not as milky compared to another durian mousse spot as well. The D24 flesh they gave was bittersweet. Will definitely have this again

Loved the place as it was very quiet. The risotto was nice but the texture of the crayfish was a bit mushy. String cheese flavour in their risotto as well.

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I really like Koji’s chirashi. The sashimi cuts are generous and even though they’re marinated, it’s not overwhelming. The yuzu tea at the side was a no for me though. The servers asked what drink we would like upon sitting, listing a few teas they have. But there wasn’t a drink menu so the price was unknown until the bill comes. It was $4 per glass and refills of hot water only diluted the yuzu flavour.

6 xlbs for $4! The skin was thin enough and there was enough soup in each xlb. Only gribe was that the meat disintegrated very quickly when chewed/was slightly mushy.

Their rice is cooked in a crabmeat tomato broth giving it a strong crab flavour. Maybe a bit too strong for my liking though. The scallops were cooked well as they cut like butter. Only complaint was that the clams tasted very briny.

This was really rich and dark. I find it less sweet than their other dark chocolate icecream. Couldn’t tell it was made with oat milk either!

The egg white frittata was a little too salty for me.

The noodles were chewy and the broth was spicy. The beef was mostly tendon tho. Will try their other noodle dishes next time!

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I loved the seared scallop with mentaiko sauce side dish. Flavour of the beef bowl was nice but feel that there was too much fat on the outer rim of their beef slices. Kinda depletes the joy of eating it

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Simmered anago on a bed of red vinegar rice. It’s hard to find anago in Singapore so I had to order this! It was nice but personally felt that they doused too much of the sauce the anago was simmered with onto the rice making it quite sweet. For the prices they charge here, it still warrants a visit. I might try their bara chirashi next.