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Rojak ($3.50) To land your hands on this plate of messiness, you need to get pass the not-too-friendly uncle. Usual suspects of rojak spotted; cucumber, turnip, pineapple, tau pok, beansprouts and you tiao. No mango, no green apple, no banana blooms. Surprisingly there were quite a few pieces of you tiao, something that you usually have to pay extra for. A pity the sauce was diluted and lacking on the shrimp paste flavour.
Miss Ha
Sesame Chicken Rice . Came here twice in a span of a month with @qingxiangsqx! The first time round when we came, the sesame chicken was sold out, so we got some roasted chicken instead. While the chicken was tender despite being roasted, the highlight, however, was the garlic rice! It was so good that you could eat it on its own ◡̈ The prices here were really reasonable too; we had everything in the second picture for under $18. The second time that we came, we were pleased to find that there were still sesame chicken available ($6.50/half). The skin, with the toasted sesame on it, was really fragrant and was a delight to have. However, the rest of the chicken was lacklustre, if only the sesame flavour could have seep into the meat itself, it would have been great. The char siew here ($5/2 pax) was decent as well. If you like your char siew to be more lean than fat, you will love the ones here. However, this time round, the rice seem to be lacking in its flavour and was a bit bland. Nonetheless, a good place to try, I must say. Would be back for more ◡̈
Steam Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Cha Siew & Chicken rice (~$4.50/person) 🐔 ⭐️ 4.5/ ⭐️ 🍴Shared 1/2 a 白鸡 (steamed chicken) & one plate each of sesame chicken & cha siew (pork). The rice was flavorful & all the meats were really yummy. The steamed chicken was tender and succulent & served atop crunchy beansprouts. The cha siew was marinated with a sweet gravy and I appreciated that it wasn’t fatty unlike some places. Sesame chicken was uniquely good with its crispy skin, sweet and nutty sauce 📍Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice, 371 Bukit Batok Street 31, #01-326, Sin Huat Lee Hawker Centre, S650371 (near Bukit Gombak Mrt)
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For 1-for-1 Double Scoop Waffle & Drink (save ~$16) Mark this one down for dessert in the West with the gang. Go for their Caribbean Waffles ($8.80) that sees fresh bananas topped with coconut crumble and homemade pineapple sauce — perfect for pairing with their Oreo Cheesecake and Coffee Caramel ice cream (from $3.50 per scoop). For drinks, choose the not-too-sweet Hot Chocolate or the zesty Poppy Lemonade. Photo by Burppler Puay Yen Lee
Double Scoop Waffle + Drink (18.30) Came here with a group of friends after dinner. We were pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste of the waffles! For ice cream, we chose Oreo Cheesecake, Blood Orange, and Coffee Caramel. Oreo Cheesecake was the favourite, followed by Coffee Caramel. The Blood Orange was too sweet (clearly an artificial sweetness) such that we couldn’t taste much of the original fruit. Although the flavours were nice, they weren’t mindblowing either. Just a regular ice cream and waffle place with nice ambience! For drinks we shared a Hot Chocolate and the Poppy Lemonade. Both were decent, and not too sweet especially for the Hot Chocolate. Overall pleasant to go with a group of friends! They had outdoor seating but it rained so it was wet.
1 For 1 Waffle + Drink - $23.50 I got the Caribbean(?) waffle with 2 premium ice cream and iced hojicha latte while my partner got the brown butter waffle with 2 regular ice cream and iced chocolate. I spent $23.50 for both of us, the ambience was great! Though the waffle was a little too soft. If not for the Burpple 1 for 1, I would never have known that jem had this great cafe around :) A group of 4 pax be just nice for this combo because the both of us lwere too full after having a waffle each.
Puay Yen
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