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Flavorful And Worth-it Chicken! Paid $6.40 per main for this meal. I had the quarter chicken, which came with a wrap, salad and fries. The chicken was extremely flavourful and well seasoned. The fresh and tangy salad was excellent!! Really haven’t had such good salad in a while. The service was excellent as well. I would definitely come back for lunch again, even without Burpple Beyond!
Big Portion And Delicious! Ordered the Oxtail Pasta, Oriental Chicken and Beef Dry Noodles as mains. Tasty and flavourful, portions were huge 👍🏼 Crab + Chicken dumpling tasted normal but the sauce was interesting and it really popped some flavours to the dumplings. Highly recommended ✨
New Vietnamese 1-for-1 at Kent Ridge! Deal: Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Newly opened at Science Park, The Fat Chook Company offers a variety of Vietnamese-Western fusion food. We decided to try their Set Menu, which consists of 1 Main + 1 Side for $14.50. (Plus we got it at 1-for-1 thanks to Burpple Beyond!) We chose the Beef Dry Noodle Vermicelli and Oriental Chicken Dry Noodle Vermicelli as our mains. The portions were quite big, and they were really tasty! The chargrilled chicken was really tender and flavorful. I would have appreciated more sauce though, because the noodles became slightly dry. For the sides, we chose the Pull Spicy Beef Burrito and Crispy Fried Chilli Prawn. The burrito was really good and filling. Overall, a really good meal! Worth trying if you’re in the area 😊 Update: They have revised their menu and are no longer offering some items such as the beef burrito (which is a pity because it was really tasty!) Also, the burpple beyond deal no longer applies to set meals. :(
Wei Ting
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Very Good Buttermilk Pancake Good first experience at Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro for brunch. Though burpple beyond discount was only meant for dinner menu after 4pm. Will be back to try out next time!
Dry Laksa Pasta Not impressed. We ordered a sea bass and dry laksa pasta. Then (it seems) upon knowing we were on burpple, the staff came back and told us there was no more sea bass. Shortly after, another staff came along and served the sea bass dish. Imagine how we felt. We thought it wasn't very nice. He looked confused and actually left the dish at our table to check, and came back with the reason that the order belonged to someone else and it was the last one. Whatever they served later was hardly enjoyable becos the experience already left a bad taste. We concluded the best dish was definitely the dessert (to sweeten the experience on our own). The choc mud pie originally cost $7 and the size of it so small my already skeptical friend and I thought maybe it's actually sliced into half too. The silver lining is tt we shave some calories off our waistlines. . I believe in honesty and integrity in doing business. And I hardly bother to spend time writing bad reviews. here u have one.
For 1-for-1 Dinner Set (Main & Dessert) Wind down after work with excellent nosh and chill vibes at this bistro bar tucked away along Tanglin Road. Must-haves include the addictively spicy, tangy Chilli Crab Pasta ($17), and the Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles ($20) – think crispy and fluffy waffles with cheddar cheese and bacon bits incorporated into a fragrant waffle batter, resulting in a perfect savory balance. Photo by Burppler Victoria Hii
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Braised Beef Cheeks (U.P. $14.90) This looks more like an appetiser than a main. Mashed potato more like potato foam, super watery, like some melted ice cream. Generally taste O-K but portion size is pathetic. The picture shall speak for itself.
Lobster Roll ($29.90) Succulent lobster mayo filling sandwiched in a toasted sweet milk bun. Comes with spiral fries and salad on the side😋
Good at Half Price After a not-so-filling dinner down the road, I ventured here to fulfill my 1-for-1 desires twice in the same night. I really got bang for my buck with the Lobster Roll ($29.90 nett), which happens to be the most expensive item on the menu eligible for Burpple Beyond redemption. (The actual most expensive item, F1/B3 Wagyu, is excluded.) The way this dish was served was very odd - first came the plate of sauce, without any explanation whatsoever. Then came the bowl of curly fries. Then the salad together on a plate with the lobster roll. Very odd. I immediately tucked in to the lobster roll & was satisfied with the toastiness of the bun, & the freshness of the lobster. The creamy flavour of the sauce could've been balanced a bit more with a squeeze of lemon, but I'm honestly not complaining. I would come back here again in a heartbeat. The curly fries were also pretty bomb especially when they are served piping hot! One huge turnoff about this place, though, is that the volume of the music alternated between extremely loud & extremely soft. Not sure what's up with the "DJ" behind the console (jk it was just a Spotify playlist), but that made us leave immediately when we were done with our meal to sit somewhere else quiet to chat. Very much a shame because their happy hour drinks were good, playlist was awesome, but the volume control was shit. 💳 Accepts credit cards ☀ Al fresco seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 🙋🏻‍♀️ Service charge included 🚫 No GST
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cheese & whiskers ($14.90+) 1f1 with burrple beyond~~~ i liked how fluffy the buns were and the patty was rly thick and meaty!! the cheese was also satisfyingly melted across the whole patty which almost enclosed it. while the portion of the fries was acceptable, they weren’t the best i’ve had despite still getting the job done in terms of texture!!! however i do think that this price point makes the burger even more value with burrple beyond!!! so i still had a satisfying and enjoyable dinner 🥰 rating: 3.3/5
Baaa ger The burger that i bought was the baa ger from the favourite section. The patty is the lamb patty, which is something i have never tried before. The burger tasted very interesting. As for the fries, i like my fries crispy and working title delivered very big and crispy fries. With the burpple beyond. I spend ~$20 for 2 favourite burgers (both with an additional patty) it is affordable and worth a try.
Cheese And Whiskers [$14.90] Love the brioche buns - they are soft yet crispy and also there's a buttery taste to it. The beef patty is thick and juicy, it goes so well with the (overflowing) melted cheese. I know it may sound a little CHEESY but I love those cheese man! Give me more more more!! Anyway the beef patty is cooked medium! Would say the burger steal the show and the fries are just pretty normal at the side 😂 Definitely worth its price. The cafe is quite retro too and love how they decorate the whole place. Would think it's a good place to chill and have your dinner.
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