Decided to try their brunch menu instead of their fish and chips/ lunch. This was decent, but not great. The entire combination was okay, but the bread was just a bit too cold and hard for my liking.

Oh, but the iced latte was good!

This French toast was on another level of its own that I can’t describe. It was surprisingly not overwhelmingly sweet and I quite enjoyed it.

We spent about $140 for two for two drinks, the French toast, eggs benedict, satay, Queen’s conserve (this must try! - it’s kouign aman pastry, lemony/ passionfruity curd and ice cream yumz) which I thought was quite expensive. But worth a try for the quality of food and ambience.

$7 for this really generous yummy bowl of prawn mee and clams! Don’t think it’s been easy finding halal prawn mee in Singapore, so I’m always excited to have this. Really worth the price for the fresh ingredients used, generous portions and really flavourful broth.

Ngl, Dutch Colony’s coffee has really got to be one of my favourites + I like my latte cold and this has a really nice balance to it!

Salmon avocado bagel was decent, like the standard brunch savoury bagel you get a cafes. And sweet potato fries, as usual, yumz.

The Frankel outlet’s really a bit out of the way tho.

My fav has got to be the spinach and cheese pide - it’s like pizza but better. And the spinach and cheese combination is just wowz. Good for sharing too!

Meat platter is huge, portion is enough for 3. Well seasoned and nicely cooked.

Huge portion, kinda worth the price but level 4 curry wasn’t as spicy as I thought it’d be.

Soft, fluffy, full of filling! What can go wrong with a Nutella filled donut

Seoul Garden Hotpot’s my go-to for halal Korean food. Their kimchi and army stew really never disappoints - prefer their chicken/ beef options as compared to the salmon one!

Broth is really flavourful and spicy. Each hotpot bowl’s really good for sharing amongst 2, but portion is okay for 1 person as well - I like to have it with either ramen or rice!

Dumplings and tteokbokki are just okay, nothing great.

Looks like a mess, but the entire meal was amazing!

We got 2 x crab in spicy Cajun sauce and mixed mussels bucket in herb and butter sauce - for 2 pax!

The spicy Cajun sauce wasn’t spicy enough tbh, but still good. A bit costly imo but kinda worth the price cos seafood was quite huge, tastes fresh and full of flavour.

Came in a group of 4 for lunch and service was fast! We had the beef stew which was really good - broth was quite flavourful and spicy enough for all of us. But spicy cold noodle and spicy squid were just *okay*.

Personal favourite were the stew and spinach/squid pancake(?).

Best to go in groups so you’ll get to try more dishes since portions were quite decent!

Really huge portion, well balanced dishes! Sambal belacan is amazing and we thought all the dishes were not too spicy.

Fav dishes from Pu3: ayam lemak chilli padi and tahu telur

So good!! Thick, rich and creamy! You will have no regrets!