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Small shop with great service (and eggs 🍳)

Went before the dinner crowd to get seats. The staff were very pleasant despite having to manage the dinner rush hour - patient and polite!

I got the chilli tomato, but I found the white creamy sauce nicer! Very filling. Omurice itself comes with chicken, corn and some other fillings.

Would say it's value for money and the eggs were really good. Yum!

! Peranakan food Not to Be Missed !

Its not my first time here, nor will it be my last. Have tried so much good nonya food from harrianns and I simply love all of them. They have fantastic kueh, ondeh ondeh, swiss roll and cakes as well!

Very generous with their ingredients and their broth tastes extremely rich in every mouthful.

Had this in the Suntec outlet and the ambiance perfected it. 💓

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✔ thick and flavorful patty
✔ soft and chewy buns
✔ homemade chips

First time here and already planning for more visits 👍

I've always loved the food from haakon and will always go for their acai bowl or protein platter. To shake things up, I tried their mentaiko fish ($14.90) and the omu beef rice ($12.90) for a change.

Both dishes did not disappoint, the beef was tender while the fish was well seasoned. Do try it the next time you're craving for some healthy goodness!

This is a must try for hot pot lovers 🥘

Its my third time here and I'm definitely coming back again.

Ordered their popular mala spicy soup (for the third time 'coz it's really good) and healthy mushroom soup base.

Service was quick as usual and the food came fast. All the vege, meat and seafood were really fresh too!

Just one thing, you'll always have to get a staff to help you check out your orders after selecting. Other than that, its great.

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O'Bar Live House @ Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close #01-301 E!Avenue


Unlike some who goes crazy over truffle, I personally do not crave nor suggest to order any truffle related dishes unless the other party takes the lead.

It was my first time out at Obar and we ordered 2 mains, flames grilled pork collar steak ($14.80), truffle carbonara and some drinks.

Surprised to say but this truffle carbonara swept me off my feet! It was rich and creamy yet the truffle taste was still intact. The blend of mushrooms and pork was soooooo good and the 63° egg completed it.

While the pork collar was so tender and I absolutely LOVED the mustard puree.

P/S: there's also a live band performing from 8pm to 11pm!

Definitely coming back for more 🤤

Hands down one of the best pasta places!

For one, the presentation of the pasta was on point. The ambiance of the restaurant was really laid back. Tucked in the corner of Suntec City, this Italian-Korean restaurant was quiet and is a good place for gatherings.

The garlic was fried to near perfection and the seasoning of the fish was just right. Pasta was also at the right texture. Absolutely love the food (and the burpple 1 for 1 deal :p), I will definitely return to try other dishes.

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We ordered a couple of other dishes to try such as the

- king prawn XO sauce noodles ($11)
- wonton soup ($8)
- beef brisket soup with noodles ($10.50)
- chicken curry ($11)
- pork chop with fried rice ($13)

as well as the unmissable crispy bun with condensed milk ($4 for 2 half buns) accompanied with tea.

While all of the food were tasty, I personally liked the chicken curry best and of course the XO sauce for the noodles (really good!). The spring roll fish soup was okay, light but nothing special - although the fish spring roll tasted different from the ones outside. Condensed milk bun was really savory (take it while it's hot!). The milk tea was okay as well, we had to add our own sugar.

Overall, the service of Tsui Wah was really quick as we did not wait too long for our food to arrive. Though I wouldn't give it a 5 stars, you should still give it a try when you're in the area.

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I really liked the concept of the colourful sign boards and decorations which were bursting with life. This was one of the reason which diverted my attention from other restaurants.

My friends and I customized 2 bowls and ordered 1 'Tai Koo Boy' to try. Since I am a HUGEEEE fan of spicy food, I customised my order of signature spicy curry soup along with eggs, white radish and bean curd puff. Wanted to try the pork knuckle but it was out of stock :(

Though the soup was light, I would say that I was disappointed as it was only lightly spiced. Not quite the taste I was expecting.

Tried some of Tai Koo Boy and it was not too bad while the chicken soup was too light (again).

My verdict: Although reasonably priced around 8.80++, I will not be here returning any sooner, and will probably try out other selections if I do

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For a starter, this bowl of goodness is only charged at $3.50

Disclaimer: it was my first time ordering and I was really expecting just a simple meal of kuay teow with a few fish balls / fish cake thrown in and at most, some minced meat like any other - but this came instead.

The factor which made this soup stand out was the generous amount of ingredients added. Especially the white radish which was uncommon (I love it!). Other toppings such as the fried pork lard and fried onions enhanced the overall flavour as well.

Honestly, the amount of kuay teow given is more than your usual portion, so inform them beforehand if you want a smaller serving ☺ other than that, I find the soup a tad oily but will still recommend nevertheless.

Go for this option if you want a nice bowl of hot soup to comfort you on a rainy day 🥣

*You can find this from the Penang food store