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The omu rice - the egg’s consistency was eggggcellent 🤪 the beef steak was done medium-rare (which was a little too raw for my liking) but the flavoring & garnishing was still rly GOOD 💁🏻‍♀️ polished off the entire plate

200g of grilled beef in this glorious beef bowl!!! Mixed with the egg, this was simply such a good mix of flavours :) will definitely come back for more - to try their pork don!

Made EVEN better with 1-for-1 at Burpple....$40 for 2 HUGE portions of beef? Yes to this anytime any day 🥳

We got chocolate sorbet (so darn gooooood!!!), hojicha, matcha & a last flavour I forgot. Oh my this was rly one of the best ice creams I have had, with extremely generous scoops!!! DEFINITELY coming back here again :)

Saved even more with Burpple beyond, so it was $5 for 2 large cups of ice cream? AH SUCH BLISS to both our taste buds & wallets 😊 10/10 would come back

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Truly lived up to its name of good meepok!! This is humbly tucked in bras basah, next to nlb :) super reasonably priced as well. The uncle prepping my food was also very friendly & nice despite the long queue, would defo recommend if in this area! A super yummy (+ healthy) meal option!!

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First time here since it moved from its original place & changed from sushiro to omote! Food is still decent, but I must say that I still prefer the humble place they started out with. Although food is good, I would say the portions have shrank & lost a little bit of its quality amidst all the rave!

Still, love the seasoning of the sashimi & their menu now has a much larger variety of dons!!! ☺️ queues can still get pretty long in the evenings. Waited 30min at 8pm on a Thursday night


One of my favorite to-go-to beef bowl places :-) and so I have used up all my rakki bowls deals on the beyond app - which shows how yummy this is!

But have to say that although the bigger bowl is really massive and generous (bound to fill you up), the sauce was insufficient & made the last bits of beef pretty in retrospect, maybe the smaller bowl would suffice with a good dessert choice after :-)

Will definitely be back again!

LOVED this to bits!! The salmon & scallops were so fresh & they were quite generous in their portions (also loved it that they cut back on the rice amounts too)

And as many others have mentioned, $17 for 2 of these bowls with Burpple beyond is BEYOND IMAGINATION! Definitely planning my next visit here alr :)

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One of those places where I would be happy paying for the full price even without the 1-for-1 and that says something!

The mixed tempura bowl was good as usual & rly filling, but may get a little bit jelat towards the end so suggest sharing the portions to get better variety! The aburi was good but to be honest, I think the gyudon from my previous visit is the best option!!

Would definitely come back here again often :)

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Absolutely LOVE their egg tarts, nothing beats a freshly baked warm egg tart on a lovely Saturday afternoon ☺️ but even though I packed it back home, it was still really good.

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The duck leg confit was greaaaat - the meat was really soft & rly fell off the bones!!! Needed not much of strength to tear them apart....and rly what can I say, absolutely loved this dish!!! :) the other ingredients were pretty good but I thought would be nicer if the potato came mashed.

The Wagyu cheeseburger was alright - good but nothing special to shoutout.

Quite a chill place to catchup and made super worth with Burpple beyond’s 1-for-1!!

Highly recommend this laksa if you are ever in this area or in Queensway shopping mall! Pair it with a couple of otahs, their otahs are really soft & not too spicy!

Their normal bowl is pretty tiny so might want to consider getting the larger bowl if you have a larger appetite 😊 a pretty good local fare of laksa!!! At a pocket friendly price too :)

Truffle & mushroom pizza ($22++), Duck Pizza ($24++), Laska pizza ($20++), Crabmeat pasta ($22++) Egg bens Rosti ($18++)

As usual, assembly ground doesn’t fail to impress & satisfy my taste buds :) tried more variety of options this time, but I would still strongly recommend the truffle mushroom pizza - was still best to me