Ordered a dirty Norwegian and a cheeseburger classic! Deliciously large portions - value for money especially with burpple beyond B1G1! 👍

Coffee (caramel latte) was good too. It was a very satisfying meal at a cosy small shop that was surprisingly almost full on a Friday afternoon.

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We tried three dishes and a dessert here - and to be fair, all were excellent. We greatly enjoyed the avocado lobster, the ham and cheese bikinis, the meat pasta truffle dish, and their cheesecake (although the side crust of the cheesecake was ridiculously thick and impossible to eat, but the delicious cheese more than made up for it)

However, what marred the experience was their hurried service. Our three dishes was served within 5 minutes of each other, and we felt like we had to stuff ourselves non-stop. They also cleared our dishes in an overly expedient manner and then asked us if we wanted deserts and then when we asked to wait for a while as we were overly stuffed, within another 5 mins, someone came up to us and asked if we wanted to settle the bill.

We were actually there for my bday celebration and had wanted to take the time to chit chat during our date and enjoy the dinner. We had expected the restaurant to be a place where we could sit back and enjoy the dinner date, especially as we were paying for both the food and the environment. We reached at 6.30pm and was expecting to enjoy and eat and chat till 8.30pm or 9pm. However, the whole hurried experience felt like a fast food chain experience where they wanted to churn the tables fast, and we ended up leaving the restaurant by 7.30pm - with full bellies, but ultimately unsatisfied.

We weren’t the only ones feeling so, as we overheard the next table scolding the waitress for asking them to pay their bills when they haven’t even finished their food.

I enjoyed the food very much, but I don’t think I will be back with friends or with my hubby again, as I would ultimately want to sit and enjoy a slow dinner with them especially if I were to pay $150 for it.

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Dropped by the cafe post lunch to clear some work before my next meeting and bought their cake and tea set @ $9.90.

Their matcha avocado pie was creamy, smooth and utterly delicious, and I finished it all up despite being quite full from lunch.
Service from the cheerful staff was excellent too, as she came out to refill the hot water for my tea, when she saw that the water level was low.

Free WiFi. Power plugs available. Good desert. Great service. Decently priced. Quiet comfortable environment.

All things added, I would come back again in a heartbeat to clear work, whenever I’m in the vicinity.

Only 4 items were valid on the menu, as all chicken and salmon dishes were unavailable on that day. As such, we could only order their prawn spaghetti and their signature beef bowl.

Unfortunately, both dishes were extremely dry. The prawn dish was almost tasteless (prob similar to the standard of my own cooking :p), and the prawns tasted strongly of frozen prawns, with the only plus point that they were quite large in size.

The beef bowl had lots of ingredients, but was also very dry overall. They provided a plum sauce for us to dip the beef in, but it would be better if the rice dish were served with a poached half cooked egg, instead of omelettes, or some nice gravy, to give some moisture to the entire dish.

Ambience was quiet and the staff were nice. Pricing was decent for the portion. However, with this food quality, I would not return again, unfortunately, as there’s a lot of other better food options in Upper Thomson