The white bread is sweet-ish, which I love but I think not everyone might! I loved the combination of ingredients, but I think individually each component wasn’t OUTSTANDING for eg, the pork slice was quite thin, the cheese slice wasn’t melted.

The soup was good, full-bodied and not too peppery!! The pork ribs in the Popularity BKT were abit tough and dry :(

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Super worth for mala IMO!!! Set A is the cheapest set, you can choose 5veg! As their mala is abit too spicy for me (😅), I usually get the non-spicy HAHA and it’s fried really well in a garlicky sauce!

Was very pleasantly surprised that the rice was chicken rice!! Their fried chicken is really v tasty and well fried!!

Really loved the broth, there’s a subtle tomato sweetness and it came together really well. The ramen noodles tasted ABIT like pasta to me, I think they said smth about importing their noodles from Japan. The portion is really small tho so I found it just a bit pricey!!

Very flavourful broth, which I think is the most important part of Pao fan!! The flossy egg is also amazing and adds texture and flavour to the dish!!

The scrambled eggs really elevate the dish so I highly recommend adding it!! The eggs are soo silky

Overall enjoyable and well-executed for a burger from a non-specialty place - 2 small soft shell crabs, a runny yolk sunny side up, caramelised onions and generous pepperings of furikake, sandwiched between buttered brioche buns. The soft shell crabs were crisp but not over-fried.

It’s pricey for the portion but the quality is good!

I think this cookie has a cult following LOL so it’s reputation precedes it. Cookie preferences are quite idiosyncratic, so I’m just gonna describe the cookie (after a 3 min heat up and some cooling time for it to crisp up).

It’s a hefty, chewy-type cookie with crisp tops and edges. The thickness in the middle means that the insides are quite underbaked, so if you’re squirmish about raw cookie dough, this might not be for you (note however that chewy/soft textures usually are only achievable through slight under-baking). I wouldn’t clearly call it a chewy cookie, but it’s definitely not cakey (like ben’s cookies).

The quality of the ingredients are ok but not particularly high, and I would have preferred cookie butter to the dulce de leche they used for the centre of the cookie. Enjoyable indulgence, but abit too pricey. I personally don’t need that extra lotus biscuit and a half on top, but I get that it’s a presentation thing.

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I actually expected ricotta curds based on the dish name so I was surprised that it more closely resembled a dip. Nonetheless I really enjoyed the creamy, sweetish dip with the lightly toasted ciabatta. The drizzle of olive oil (over the toasts), in concert with the yogurt-like dip, reminded me abit of the likes of Greek/Mediterranean-type cuisines


Pricey for a pretty tiny portion, there aren’t enough toast cubes so the dips are a bit excessive :( Taste-wise, the cubes are well-buttered and very crisp, but not particularly fluffy on the inside. The Pandan kaya is watered down and liquidy, but the taro kaya and the thai milk tea kaya are both quite good - the viscosity is thick enough to coat the toast cubes, and they aren’t too sweet. Go for the single dip!

The seabass was cooked to a tender finish and had a good flake, and the skin was crispy. I really liked the tom kha gai sauce, the notes of lemongrass and kaffir lime were really appetising, and it wasn’t too overpowering and punchy. The light but tasty sauce went well with the angel hair pasta, and the dish tasted very refined