Interesting diy concept that lets you modulate the spice level to your tasting! The marinated radish was really flavourful and it’s unlike any other that I’ve had :)

‘Best popiah in sg’? It’s a little underwhelming at first, but you’ll gradually come to enjoy it :) Really liked the sauce they marinated the radish with, and the big chunks of boiled egg!

Pretty crispy and well-coated in the salted egg sauce. Wish there was more sauce, but it was still tasty nonetheless.

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4 slices of prawn in this bowl of noodles. It’s very satisfying and hearty, perfect for a rainy day like today. The prawns are easy to de-shell and taste really good dipped in the chilli soy sauce provided. Our choice of noodle was a mix of yellow noodle + bee hoon, and it was perfect.

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With molasses and candied pecans. This couldn’t sound any tastier☺️ The sweet crunchy gems were so delicious with the sprouts which were evenly coated with the sweet-savoury sauce and perfectly pan seared. Kudos!!

With mushrooms and shaved parmigiano. We don’t normally get gnocchi pasta but wow we’re converts! These are perfectly pan fried with a crispy exterior yet a soft interior that’s almost cheesy. There’s nothing to complain about the dish and we absolutely loved it 💝

Duck bolognese, parmigiana, red wine and fennel seeds. Thought we tasted star anise in it, might be the fennel seeds? It was really delicious. Some commented that it the sauce was more watery than desired, but it was not a problem for us! The staff there were also very warm and friendly😊

Hands down one of the best truffle fries we’ve had! Fragrant and coated with the truffle kombu, each fry was crispy until the very end. Skip the greasy and soggy fries for these!!

Those who prefer a thin crust pizza would love this! Enjoyed the generous topping to crust ratio. The runny yolk was a highlight too!

Really impressed by how crunchy the breadcrumb batter was. These nuggets still had a good crunch till the very last crumb without getting greasy at all.

Milky and smooth. A decent cup of coffee👌🏼

“No sugar added” and they definitely delivered that. This does NOT taste like a white cold brew you’d get from a cafe. We’re really surprised how different it tasted without sugar! For the health of it, it’s basically a pricey iced kopi C kosong.