“No sugar added” and they definitely delivered that. This does NOT taste like a white cold brew you’d get from a cafe. We’re really surprised how different it tasted without sugar! For the health of it, it’s basically a pricey iced kopi C kosong.

The white cold brew was quite a let down... the coffee was too diluted and lacked creaminess

The flat white on the other hand was delicious! It was not too bitter nor acidic with a much better flavour than the white cold brew

(+$3 for fries updraft to truffle floss fries)

Pretty substantial burger, reminds me of an improved version of the good ol’ mushroom cheeseburger from Burger King. Enjoyed the fries too!

Just in time for the 1 for 1 promo!

We wanted to get both seafood sandwiches but they were selling like hotcakes and there wasn’t enough filling for the last scoop :o The staff however was very nice and offered a scoop of another flavour of choice! Flavour-wise was sensational:)

The flaky charcoal croissant tastes as good as it sounds! Lightly toasted with a touch of drizzled honey, they really nailed the flavour! The smoked salmon and cream cheese went well together too:)

Succulent lobster mayo filling sandwiched in a toasted sweet milk bun. Comes with spiral fries and salad on the side😋

One of my favourites at PS. Cafe! Sadly, it’s not available at all branches.

The tangy sweetness of the cranberry jam adds an interesting kick to the savoury turkey sandwich. The bread is also toasted to a crusty perfection which can be hard to chew sometimes.

What a genius creation this was! We really enjoyed the sandwich despite never having considered the possibility of unagi and croissant together. The sweet unagi sauce in the buttery croissant was a very interesting flavour.

So glad we ordered this after reading everyone’s reviews! The mushroom filling was so flavourful and it had a decent filling to toast ratio. I believe there was paprika along with the rest of the garnish which made this dish super yummy! Do devour it while it’s still hot before the toast gets soggy:)

The mouth-watering smell of mala was the first thing that hit us when this arrived. The pepperoni and other deli meats were strikingly salty, and the portion was rather small. Probably wouldn’t order this again.

Beef pastrami toasties with mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers. Really decadent and substantial. Crisps on the side were light and nicely seasoned with salt and pepper too.

Ultimate cheese toasties with brie, gouda, cheddar and mozzarella. This grilled cheese sandwich really meets expectations and it’s one of the better ones out there!