D had the Tonkatsu Sandwich which was pretty delicious (but a bit too fatty for his liking) while I had the Carbonara (my turn to be boring)! The bacon in the Carbonara was the bomb 💣

But IT IS SO VERY WORTH IT. The bone-in short rib is steeped in some special soy marinade which makes it really nice and sweet and idk just amazing??? Fun Fact: The internet tells us that the “LA Kalbi / Galbi” cut (which means thinly sliced across the bone) originated from Korean immigrants living in Los Angeles. And the LA stands for lateral and not Los Angeles!

But apart from that, we highly recommend that you order their signature honey kurobuta pork chops and salted egg lotus root chips! It will surely be a feast that will put you in a long food coma haha but totally worth it! The salted egg lotus root chips are superrrr addictive!! We think it’s actually more satisfying than salted egg fish skins! Ok on the flip side, we do think the portions are better suited for 3 people. Sorry la we don’t know how to eat in moderation and have portion control issues okay.

To date, this is the only burger place that has gotten D’s heart/ stomach. We actually don’t even eat burgers! Now, how’s that for a raving review? 🍔

We took the opportunity to try @stateland_coffeehouse 's Early Grey Burst with Black Sesame soft serve! It was fun and scary (cos it might just squirt into your face?!) bursting the mochi donut balls and watching the chocolate earl grey lava slowly oooze out. The crisps also added some texture to this dessert and it reminded us of kiddy breakfast cereal! We enjoyed the combination for a while but towards the end, we felt it was getting a bit too sweet for our liking. It's still worth a try though! We’ll probably try the plain mochi donut with no dangerous lava centre next!!!

I loooooove the super shiok chilli sauce and the fried shallots which are not too oily and sinful!! Thank you @graincomsg for bringing free pick ups to the cbd!

It might look like an ordinary bowl of noodles that can be bought elsewhere for cheaper but @shangsocial ’s rendition is pretty amazing! You gotta try it. We’ve had it four times in the last 1.5 months haha

I’ve seen photos of this drool worthy Hokkien mee before but couldn’t quite understand why a French-Japanese tapas bar would serve Hokkien mee? But I finally know why!! As part of the supper series, Chef Jeremmy @jemm_cooks took on the local favourite Hokkien mee and it was umami and amazing beyond words. That sambal at the back also hit all the right spots. Our only gripe was that this plate was not enough for 2 gluttons like us! This humble Hokkien mee is seriously so good, I could eat two plates of this leh! ($35++ per pax for 4 courses) #jeremmyandfriends

While durian is great and all, I still prefer eating confectionary and ice-cream with durian instead of the fruit itself. No durian fingers and no drinking salt water from the husk.. @bingbing.icecreamgallery does a great mao shan wang ice cream. 10/10 would recommend! This is of course T talking and not D ‘cos he can’t stand durians haha

The generra is a mocha with orange peel and my goodness it’s the best thing you’ll ever have. Save the calories you are thinking of for dessert and get this instead please.

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