Would love to try out the smoothie bowls on burpple beyond some day!

A really satisfying rack of lamb! Because of the high fat percentage, go for it if you’re a quality over quantity kind of person. The pesto sauce that went along with it was really flavourful and delicious too.

We also ordered fish and chips and the beef burger which tasted great!

My go-to-place for quality and affordable chirashi. The portions for the fish are HUGEE (especially when you dine-in) and of great quality. I’ve been here on multiple occasions, staff are very friendly and helpful too.

Decided to try the latest on the menu! It didn’t disappoint - the taste was pretty much like what you’d expect it to be, and I liked that it wasn’t too sweet!

My all time favourite tea latte - the mix of tea, milk, froth and sugar was perfection. Great place to chat and enjoy the chill vibes

I’ve been a fan of cat and the fiddle cheesecakes since they were a temp shop at the basement of raffles MRT. Since then they have expanded to many outlets - the price has surely gone up but the quality and goodness of the cheesecake remains. Given that regular cakes are quite expensive elsewhere, I find their cheesecakes (

Being new to Thai kway chap, i was honestly confused about the taste because it tastes a lot like kway Teow in Bak Kut Teh (the peppery kind). The side dishes were little pricey, so I’ll still opt for the chilli pan mee.

I’m one who subscribes to the idea that porridge is largely for sick people, EXCEPT when it comes to flavourful porridge, such as this one from Zhen Zhen! Loved the option for a beaten egg in the porridge; $3 per bowl with so much ingredients is such a steal!

My family’s go-to place for the weekend because…$14 for a whole soya sauce chicken! And it tastes pretty good 🙃 seems like the hype died down over covid because we went at 4pm on sat to buy and there’s still stock

Really liked the dry beef noodles. I felt it was not too salty, light (in a good way) and yet still flavourful, especially with the lime and chilli 😋

Windowsill pies has become my go-to dessert to buy & share with friends, thanks to burpple beyond! I don’t think I’ve eaten pecan pie before so this was a great first experience! Love the peppermint pie, the flavours were great with the chocolate

Was feeling peckish so we got some lamb and chicken skewers here! Taste is great though I wished it was a little more spicy 🔥