But why all in the east ah? In case you guys didn't know, their second outlet is at tampines one, level 1, just beisde 4Fingers!

That perfect wok hei on the rice and the amazing tender slices of the beef. 😍
But hey, you guys gotta check out Paddy Hills new menu with their all time favorites brought back and brand new items as well! #EBxPIXEL


What's the deal @pacamara_sg, how can you remove explodingbelly's favorite dish from the menu?! You know who am I not!

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The kway is also served in a curled, scroll like version, which allows you to slurp it up smoothly as it carries some of the flavorful broth. Overall a super comforting dish, I would 10/10 come back again for this.
Find them at Upper Serangoon Road - along the stretch of Ponggol Nasi Lemak, at @yaowaratthaikwaychap! The boiled pork belly and the chili also 10/10.

Yeah 10/10 is my new favorite description.

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